Friday, December 20, 2013

yesprep 10k

Last Saturday I ran with YESprep college rush 10K with two good friends.  It was my first run since the Shiner Half Marathon.  Not my first race (well, it was that too). It was my first time running since the half.  Once I completed the half, I just felt like I needed a good break from running.  When Julie told me she was coming to town and planning on running the race, I thought it would be great to run with her.

Backstory: Julie did TFA with me and we were roommates during our second year.  I love this girl! She taught in Houston for five years (like me), two of which were at YES Prep, a network of charter schools here.  This past summer, she moved back home to Boston but she's made a few visits back this semester. She is also one of my bridesmaids!

Anywho, Julie, Roxy and I were signed up for the 10K through downtown Houston. I planned on some little 2-3 milers the week leading up to it, but finals got in the way.  It was actually a beautiful morning for running; breezy and in the mid-60s.  About half-way through the run, the sun even came out!
Midrun with Roxy (photo credit: Roxy).
The run itself was great.  Very nicely organized, especially considering that it was only the second year.  The course was a 5k loop so use 10k-ers just ran it twice.  There were cops everywhere on the course to stop traffic and ensure there were no problems, which I thoroughly appreciated.  And we ran by the hospital where I did my psych clinical - hello, flashbacks! 

Small race means no official photographers, but luckily Roxy finished ahead of me and captured my finish!
Roxy rocking our sweet finish tee!
Julie and Roxy ran a bit faster than me but we all ran without stopping.  I finished in about an hour and 10 minutes, which put me at a faster pace than my half.  Consdering I hadn't run in weeks, I was a-okay with that!

Once the race we over, we hung around for a bit to take advantage of free coffee and fruit.  We also picked up some sweet long sleeve tech tees for the finishers. I loved that they had different shirts for the 5k finishers and the 10k finishers - if I run 10k, I want people to know!After spotting this cool art wall (which may have been the wall to a bathroom), we of course took some fun pictures! 

Getting arsy with a (rare) fall leaf (credit: Roxy)

Me, Julie and Roxy! (credit: Roxy)

I love these jumping pics! (credit: Roxy)

After the run, we decided to head to Empire Cafe for brunch and drinks.  I used to brunch there all the time when I lived in midtown but it is so far from where I live now. I'll take any chance I'll get to have some delicious breakfast and mimosas!

Coffee, mimosas, and bloodies - brunch's best friends!
I'm looking to sign up for another half in the spring, but I might be crazy thinking I can handle the training while in school and leading up to my wedding. 

Thoughts? Anyone want to join me?


(Read Roxy's recap here!)

buy all the sparkles

I wrote this post Thursday but for whatever reason the internet gods didn't want it posted.  So yay, two posts for this Friday!

Thank you for all the kind words about my cleanse results! I seriously love the way I feel once I'm through with the cleanse.  Unfortunately, I'm still very much under the weather so my diet has consisted of soup, ritz crackers, and an embarrassing amount of apple juice.  I'm ready to feel better, work out, and eat right.

So while I've been feeling sick, I've had plenty of time to tackle my to-do list but I'd rather just play around on pinterest. Anyone else feel that way?  I've been really drawn to festive outfits lately and if I could only find that money tree then I'd buy all the sparkles.  

B's holiday work party
top: Forever 21 (old | similar | similar | similar)
jeans: Loft
flats: Old Navy (exact)
earrings: Kendra Scott (exact), gift from my bestie

Love the look of the shirt but damn, those sparkles are itchy!

Ugly Christmas Sweater party/house warming

(L) With the lovely Roxy and wearing my faux fur vest, (R) blurry pic pretty much represents how the night went.
vest: Target, kids' section
shirt: Tobi (exact)
jeans: Loft

Pure Barre holiday dinner
blazer: Forever 21 (old | similar | similar)
top: Francesca's (new but not online)
jeans: Loft
heels: Banana Republic Factory
Of course there were sparkles somewhere on the shirt! Did you think that I was just wearing a plain black shirt? Nope, business in the front and party in the back.

joint birthday dinner with my wonderful sister-in-law
top: Francesca's (exact)
jeans: Lof
heels: Banana Republic Factory

Unfortunately, this is when I was coming down with whatever cold has taken hold of me and you can see it all over my face.  Don't fear, I didn't let it get in the way of a great night and a few drinks!

I have not stopped thinking about these Michael Kors shoes since seeing them days ago. My only saving grace was that Marshall's didn't have my size.  But that was Marshall's in Houston. I'm heading to Austin later today and you best believe that I'll be checking out the stores there... once this nasty cold is gone.

What have you been wearing to holiday parties this year?


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

cleanse results

Hi friends! If you've been keeping up with me on instagram, I've been pretty busy with addressing all our wedding invites and taste testing red wine. Now I'm pretty under the weather, but what better time to post, right?

My cleanse with Sami ended on Friday (go read about her results!) so I got up early on Saturday and took measurements before heading out to my 10K race. I stupidly forgot to take pictures but at least I stepped on the scale and measured.  The rest of my weekend was basically a blur of mimosa brunches and holiday parties so the pictures you're about to see are from yesterday (Tuesday). 
L: before, R: after. Same outfit except that sweater was in the wash.

Can definitely see a change in the side view. All that bloat is gone!

What these pictures don't capture (since I don't have a nice camera) is how baggy the jeans are around my thighs and upper/under butt area.  That's a pretty nice feeling!

In all, I lost 6 lbs on the cleanse.  My starting weight was 140.4, I got down to 134.6 about 6 days in but then had a massive binge eating day.  Well, I was able to get back down to 134.6 by sticking to my clean eating and focusing on my workouts. 

Currently, I've hovering around 136 with the holidays parties and such wine tasting. But hey, I'm sick today! The only thing I want to consume are throat lozenges and orange juice so this just may work in my favor.

Back to bed for me. Hope you're enjoying this Wednesday more than I am!


Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

Happy Friday, beeetches!

Rebecca Black recently watched her Friday video and gave us some mildly entertaining commentary.  

Mostly likely while you are reading this, I am taking my final exam of the semester.  Wish me luck, send me some good mojo, say a prayer, or whatever your preference may be. I am not picky when it comes to good vibes!

One of my closest friends (and bridesmaid!) Julie is coming in town this weekend! She was my roommate during Teach for America, she knew me when I just had a crush on B, and I love this girl more than I want a brownie right now.  I'm cleansing, so that means even more than it usually would.  We're running a 10K tomorrow and then drinking lots of moondrivers.  I. CANNOT. WAIT.

My wedding invitations came this week and they are gorgeous. I'm sure every bride says that so I feel very stereotypical saying that. But it's true. I'll probably share them soon, either on here or some other form of social media, since I plan on addressing them alongside a large glass of wine.  Maybe it's time to invest in one of these so I don't spill on my pretty invites?

The post office and I are in a fight.  I thought I was going the easy route by ordering wedding stamps online. We ordered them on Dec. 1st, and yet here we are, 12 days later and they haven't even been shipped yet.  Seriously?? Where else do the stamps come from if not from the same place that mails thing? The real kicker is that today while my mom was on the phone with customer service the woman helping her didn't hang up the phone before actually said. "Oh boy, this order is a mess."  I kid you not.  If the USPS can't FIND and MAIL me stamps, then what have we come to?

I will be celebrating the end of the semester by going on a stamp hunt around the greater Houston area.  Much like my test, good mojo and prayers are appreciated. Or you can just tagalong to keep me company from going insane.

Annnnd Milli might have an eye infection. Because after stamp hunting I really want to spend my weekend at the vet for overpriced eyedrops.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

24 hour binge

Do you ever celebrate something too early?  Get so excited about something that you throw all caution to the wind?

Yeahh.... I might have done that.

Remember when I said that my goal was to get below 135 lbs?
Tuesday, 7 days in! {ignore my toes, I need a pedicure desperately!)

I had been sticking to the cleanse, drinking the fiber drinks, eating clean, avoiding booze at holiday parties. I was basically owning this cleanse like a boss.  Then I saw that magical number on the scale and it was all downhill from there.  And up on the scale.

Tuesday night I finally went to see Catching Fire (amazing, go see it now) but I went on an empty stomach. BIG MISTAKE! I snuck in a huge bottle of water like a good girl but a weakness of mine is those delectable corn dog nuggets that only certain theaters sell.  It was my lucky night because the theater we chose had those puppies front and center at the concessions counter.  While I was waiting an impossibly long 5 minutes for them I also ordered the onion rings. Hey, go big or go home right?

Then I got home and ate a brownie. Cause the corn dog nuggets and onion rings weren't enough.

Wednesday morning the scale was not so kind to me. And honestly, I expected it.  I'm not back up to my pre-cleanse weight but I did lose some progress.  The worst part? I had already made plans with friends to grab lunch at this smalltown smokehouse that is known for their chicken fried steak. So what's a girl do? She gets in her workout, puts on her big girl pants, and chows down on delicious chicken fried steak.

Seriously, so damn good.  If you come visit me, we will go.

To wrap up the day I ate another brownie last night while writing this post. Might as well end on a high note, amiright?

My timing for the drinks and pills during the cleanse has been a little off, so I've still got 2 days to go.  I know I can recover and it's just about making better choices.  I'm planning on continuing on with the 24 day challenge and as luck would have it, my shakes and MNS supplements arrived today.  Stay tuned for final weigh-in and measurements in a few days!


PS - Look what glorious sign I spotted not 1 mile from my house this morning?? Hallelujah! A Christmas miracle!

Monday, December 9, 2013

I used to hate mushrooms

With a passion.  Like, couldn't stand them in or on anything.  But then I was out to eat with B and some friends one day when someone offered me a bite of their burger.  I'm a girl who likes to share and appreciates it when others share food, so I happily accepted.  It was delicious.  Magical even. 

And then I found out it was a portabella mushroom burger.  I had been duped.

But I couldn't be upset because it was amazing.

So, since that fateful day I've tried incorporating mushrooms into my meals more frequently. I still don't care for raw mushrooms - the texture is a little rubbery for my liking.  But a sauteed mushroom? Mmmmm, my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Why does this interest you? Because I just made a super easy, clean, tasty mushroom meal and I thought you might like to try it out too. You know, cause I'm a girl who likes to share.

Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms
  • Portabella mushroom caps
  • Olive oil (I used sunflower oil)
  • Onion, chopped
  • Garlic glove, chopped
  • Fresh spinach leaves
Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Remove the gills from the mushroom caps and place caps on a large baking sheet, de-gilled side down.  Drizzle with oil and roast for 15 minutes.

While your mushrooms are roasting, heat a skillet over medium heat with some oil.  Add in chopped onions and garlic until tender.  Then add in your spinach leaves. Stir until they cook down and are tender.

When the mushroom caps are done roasting, take them out (don't turn off the stove!) and flip them over.  Pack the caps with the onion/garlic/spinach mix you have.  Place back in the oven and cook for 15 minutes more.

Note: this recipe came from the back of a sticker on the portabella mushroom caps I purchased but I didn't have all the ingredients so I modified.  The original recipe also called for breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese, and goat cheese.  Had I not been on the cleanse, I would have gone to the store for those because I loooove goat cheese. However, this cleanse-friendly version was excellent!

To make with the cheeses and breadcrumbs, roast mushroom caps and sauteed veggies in the same manner.  When the veggies are done, transfer them to a bowl or plate so they cool slightly.  Add in 1/3 cup breadcrumbs, 1/4 cup parmesan cheese, and 4 oz crumbled goat cheese.  Then fill the mushrooms with this mix and bake for the additional 15 minutes.

Do you have any other yummy mushroom recipes to share? Or foods you thought you hated and then discovered were delicious?


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Half Marathon recap

It's been over a week two weeks since I ran the Shiner Beer Run and I am definitely still on a high.  I keep thinking about it and it just doesn't seem real - guys, I RAN A HALF MARATHON.  That was 13.1 miles!!

In case you forgot the huge smile that resided on my face for days and days.

When I got up that morning at 4:30, I hopped in the shower first.  I just can't ever seem to get going to 100% without a shower, and I know that may sound weird to shower before a half marathon, but I knew I needed to be at 100% considering the farthest I had ran in training was just 7 miles.  So I showered, checked the weather what felt like a hundred times, and decided on my race gear.  No fancy pic of my clothing laid out since I mostly just stood around in my robe until I had it figured out.  I ended up wearing my favorite capris, a nike sports bra, my splits59 tank, a pullover from Target and my trusty Adidas trail running shoes. No, this was not a trail race. Yes, I did all my training runs in them so I stuck to what I knew.  I also happened to dig around in my closet at the last minute so I found my headband/earwarmer, some mitten-glove hybrids, and my rain slicker from biking.  I threw on some tall socks and my UGGs, grabbed my gear and hit the road.

The trip took about 2 hours so I was glad that I had a full water bottle plus a spark ready to go.  I ate some toast with PB2 and a hardboiled egg in the car.  When I got to the race site, I ate half of a Stinger Vanilla Waffle and my phone said the weather was just 39 degrees. Yikes!  I picked up my race packet and returned to my car to seat in the heat while I got ready - put on my bib, listened to pump up music, and check social media.  When we had about 15 minutes until race time, I got out and made my way to the Port-a-Potties for what I hoped was one last time.  All those drinks were going through me!

I thought I might see Kristen or Meg before the race, but I didn't and honestly I think that was good.  I was so nervous but was in a really good headspace - this race was for me.  I didn't have B come with me or drag my friends out to cheer me on. I think I wanted this first (and possible only) half marathon to be about me running just for me - just to prove to myself that I could.  It wasn't about finishing because people were waiting for me or any other factors.

The race itself was tough but not as tough as I imagined feared. I didn't take any pictures during it, mostly due to the rain and not wanting to expose my poor fingers to the cold. I don't have those fancy gloves that work with touch screens.  I honestly thought that I might have to crawl or be carried across the finish line, so my goal was just to finish without stopping or having to walk.  I did have to stop about 3.5 miles in for the bathroom - there was just no way around that one.  With each step on the pavement, my bladder felt more and more like it would burst.  Around the 3 mile mark I told myself I'd stop at the next port-a-potty so I did. And even though I waited for about 7-8 minutes in the freezing cold and it made my watch time very different than my chip time I am so glad that I decided to stop.  And I'll say this - the race was very well populated with port-a-potties and fuel stations.  At nearly every mile there was a water station, some of which were handing out GU, and most of those also had a port-a-potty.  The problem? Only one port-a-potty per break. And there were a few thousand runners.  I saw quite a few guys just dodge behind a bush but I did not have that option. Thankfully, I only had to stop once.

The course was really hilly which I haven't trained for.  Houston is pretty flat so I just accepted it.  There was about a 3 mile stretch (post potty break) that was straight into a headwind, up and down hills, and in the rain. Those miles were pretty miserable but I just keep trucking along.  It was before the halfway mark but after the restroom stop, so I was pretty good about passing up people, and I think that mentally made up for the rough conditions.  We hit 6.5 miles (halfway) right at the bottom of a hill so it was quite literally uphill from there.  Then we encountered "Manure Mile" which wasn't really manure but was a mile or so of dirt road with lots of big rocks to avoid.  Then it evened out for a bit while we ran between two graveyards (a little creepy with the weather) before entering what I call "the park from hell".  We ran through a park, which meant back and forth on these little winding footpaths. I should have taken a picture.  Going in, you could see all these runners just crisscrossing across an area that was maybe 100 yards across.  I felt like I wasn't making any progress and would never get out of there.  The worst part? You could see a pretty big hill that you had to go up once you finally finished.  Without a doubt, this was the hardest (and slowest) part of the race.  Once we were out of there, it was just a few miles left through neighborhoods and back to the brewery.
Pretty legit running shot. And that's my pacer friend behind me!
Throughout the race, I had paced myself with another runner.  She'd speed up past me and I'd stay behind her, then I'd speed up ahead of her for awhile.  As we were coming up to the final 0.1 miles, with the finish line in sight, she was ahead of me but started to walk. I grabbed her arm, a total stranger, and told her we'd finish it together.  
Totally dorking out while crossing the finish line
This should win some kind of finish line contest.
We powered through the finish line, where I apparently felt the need to jump up and punch the air in excitement, and then I promptly moved to the sides where I started my Kim Kardashian ugly cry. Full on, baby.  The adrenaline and emotions were overwhelming.  I could not believe I had earned that metal around my neck.  This was really the only point where I wished I had some people waiting for me, because everyone else did, but it was such a small thing that I quickly got past.  I hobbled over to a line (because my momentary pause to ugly cry made all my muscles freeze up) and waited for the free food with other people. Once I had my bratwurst, I made my way to the beer line where I came upon Kristin and Meg!  That was even better than I imagined!

Lindsey, me, Kristen and Meg enjoying the best beers of our lives!

Attempting to not freeze to death while enjoying the libations
Look who found me after the race! I wish I could remember her name but I will never forget her!

Bloggers do breweries... think I've stumbled upon a great idea! Who's in??
We drank some beers, warmed up near the grills, almost got kicked out of the brewery tour, and overall celebrated some new friends and accomplishing some kick ass goals.  Then I started the long drive home and promptly took my first ice bath.  I can't say how much it helped because I don't have any half marathons without it to compare to, but I can say that I was able to move the next day and that my friends is a win.  But I think B too a little too much joy in pouring that ice over me!


Thanks for all your love and support during my training and on race day! From my bloggy friends, to my IRL friends, my family and B - I never would have attepted this, stuck with it, or completed it without you.  I can't wait til the next one!

Cait, the half-marathoner :)

PS - I almost forgot all the stats! I stopped my watch during the bathroom break so my time was 2:45:49 and my average pace was 12:49/mile.  I think chip time put me somewhere near 2:53:30 or something. My fastest mile was mile 2 at 10:34 and my slowest mile was mile 1 at 14:38 aka "the park from hell".

Saturday, December 7, 2013

3 months!

The holidays are in full swing, my final exams are almost here, and our wedding is just 3 months away!  Eeeek!

 Coat: J. Crew Factory
Earrings: Kendra Scott (gift from my bff)
Shirt: Forever 21, old
Jeans: Loft
Flats: Old Navy

Last night was the Christmas party for B's job (and my old job) and it was wonderful to see so many of my old coworkers!  Even though I know that leaving teaching was the right decision for me I still miss the people I worked alongside.  Teaching is a hard job but those people made everyday I was there better.  They aren't just coworkers (okay, some of them were); they're friends.  Many of them watched my relationship with B develop from the start and they'll be there to celebrate our marriage in March.


I'm still on my 10 day cleanse which meant no boozing or dessert table for me.  And honestly, it was tough.  There are just so many delicious things out at this time of year.  I stuck to the fruit and veggies trays and woke up this morning feeling great so I know it was worth it.  Plus, the wonderful hostess sent me home with extra fruits and veggies - score!

This week has also been a busy week for wedding planning.  While I was home last week, my mom and I met with our venue to consult about the bartending.  The venue includes bartenders but they offer packages to include glassware, mixers, garnishes, etc.  They also help you decide what to order and how much.  Our meeting was with Jaime, who it turns out is also going to be my Day of Coordinator! I loved her and felt like we had a great vibe so that puts my mind at ease a ton.  I'll post later about our bar decisions because I need your help! In addition to planning the bar, we've been ordering invitations, working on music selections, changing our catering up a bit, and picking up the bridesmaid dresses!
The venue was set up for a wedding that night and it's pretty much exactly how I'll have it too!
I'm also starting P90X today. I figure, what better time to try to actually get through all 90 days then the 3 months before my wedding.  Any tips for staying committed?

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.  It's freezing cold here (for Texans) but I'll probably still brave the weather to visit my love, Target.


Friday, December 6, 2013

amazing dinner

I've really been slacking on posting what I've been eating on this cleanse, so get ready for an update. 

First up, I have to share this super simple and delicious dinner I made tonight:

Sorry the picture isn't great - I'm not a food photographer!
I wasn't sure what I wanted and I knew that going out to the store wasn't an option - there was too much food in my fridge (that will spoil at some point) and it was cold freezing. The temps here dropped 40 degrees today!  That means Texas is practically in an ice age.

When I saw the ground turkey I was planning for my eggs cups I decided to use a little to make some burgers as well.  Searching around my fridge also led me to an avocado, some turkey bacon, an onion, and romaine lettuce.  The best part? I made two burgers and sauteed extra onions so I have lunch tomorrow planned out already!

Since I was already making the kitchen a mess, I went ahead and made my egg cups as well. In a large mixing bowl I combined 12 eggs, cooked ground turkey, and sauteed onions.  I then poured my mix into muffin tins sprayed with Pam.  Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes.

I store them in the fridge and pop them into the microwave for 15-30 seconds!
Other meals and snacks I've been eating while on the Cleanse?
  • breakfast smoothies
  • edamame hummus with cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas
  • hard boiled eggs
  • gluten-free cereal, banana and almond milk
  • gluten-free bread, toasted, smeared with avocado and topped with turkey
  • almonds
  • grilled chicken, black beans, and steamed veggies
  • dessert smoothies - almond milk, vanilla protein powder, banana, chia seeds, ice 
The hardest part so far? I am CRAVING some Starbucks.  I've been drinking it so frequently, and especially while studying, that it makes it hard to start any reading or assignments without getting my fix first. I sound like an addict. But I know that my first post-cleanse Starbucks will taste that much sweeter for having waited for it and not giving in to my temptations!

I've got a few other things hanging around my fridge just waiting to be made into a delicious meal. And I'm dying to make this Almond Butter detox shake from Jesi, though I'll probably substitute the soy milk with almond milk. Keep an eye out on IG for more meal updates!

aka the Bottle Lady
I leave my house with these every morning: Spark, smoothie, fiber drink.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

28 years young

Apparently, 28 is the best year of your 20s.  Who knew?

I didn't make a big deal of it on here, but I celebrated my 28th birthday last Monday.  It was pretty low-key and I have to say, I sort of enjoyed that part.  We stretched the celebrating out over a few days but no one day was balls-to-the-wall crazy.  The night before my birthday we had our regular Sunday Family dinner with B's side.  They had a cake for me and made one of my favorite meals: steak and mashed potatoes.  I got two amazing cookbooks that I've been eying and a beautiful, thoughtful necklace from my future sister-in-law.
"mrs" necklacke | The Real Girl's Kitchen | Against All Grain

Monday night, my actual birthday, I started my day with a Pure Barre class and ended my day by working the night shift in the ICU.  Most people probably think this would be an awful way to spend a birthday but I really enjoyed my shift.  The staff wished me happy birthday and I got an IV started successfully!

Wednesday we headed to Austin for the Thanksgiving holiday. My brothers were occupied that evening, but I was able to enjoy a wonderful birthday dinner with my parents and my grandmother.  If you're ever in Austin I would highly recommend Spicewood Tavern. It's a great little restaurant in my parent's neighborhood that's relatively new and we've enjoyed a few nights there over the last year.  They usually have live music going and there are always great beers on tap.  B had The Goolsby, a drink made with jalapeno and serrano infused tequila - spicy!

delicious crab fritters
Steak really is my favorite meal.
My parents got me a jacket I had spied a few weeks earlier at J. Crew factory. Despite knowing what I was getting, I was still thrilled! Sadly, it was 65 degrees in Austin and it's been even warmer in Houston so I haven't yet had a chance to wear it. On the upside, we're supposed to get pretty chilly this weekend and I'm itching to wear this beauty!

B had told me that my gift still hadn't arrived, but when I came back to town on Monday it was here! He surprised me with a gorgeous watch I've been drooling over for months.  Between getting to spend time with family, loving my nursing program, and getting to marry the man of my dreams in a few months, I'd say that 28 is going to be a wonderful year for me.  The gifts I was spoiled with were just icing on the cake.


Monday, December 2, 2013

stats and cyber monday

Before I get into the nitty gritty (aka the good stuff), I want to share a few Cyber Monday deals I've come across.  I'm sure everyone's inbox was flooded with sale emails this morning and if you're anything like me, I tend to get overwhelmed and just delete all the emails.  I don't have the willpower to sift through 50 websites for something I might like that I didn't even know I needed just to save some money.  But here are a few items I purchased recently and LOVE so you might as well get them today with the deals.  Easy peasy!

Old Navy: 30% with CYBER
Old Navy: studded | snakeskin | glitter
I originally bought these flats in the snakeskin print a few weeks ago. I've already worn them a handful of times and they are actually comfortable - which is huge! I find that flats are the worst for being comfy in the store before turning into weapons of torture just 30 minutes into wearing them. When I saw the other prints last night, I knew I had to have them and that I'd feel good wearing them. The honeycomb infinity scarf is a new staple of mine, as it comes in great neutrals and is unbelievably cozy. I can't find it online anymore but there were still a lot in my local stores. And you can't go wrong with this sweater!

J. Crew Factory: 50% everything, free shipping and extra 10% off with FCM733C2B

I spied this jacket a few weeks ago and immediately texted my mom, "IGNORE PREVIOUS WISHLISTS! This item supersedes everything else!" with a barrage of photos.  Well, I got the jacket this week and it does not disappoint. The color is fabulous and it is warm without being too heavy.  It is called the Factory Skirted Dress Coat and I saw it online but now the website is updating or something.  Too much Cyber Monday traffic!

Francesca's: 30% off sitewide and free shipping

Roxy just got the most adorable faux leather skirt there at a blogger event (damn you, clinicals for making me miss that!) and I'm dying to order it.  I can already envision the countless holiday events where I would wear it: B's work party? Check. Family Xmas dinner? Yup. Sister's rehearsal dinner? You bet.  New Year's Eve? Duh.

Add to the fact that my fox sweater IG post today was a little too similar to her earlier fox sweater post and I look like a stalker.  Good thing I know her IRL and pre-blog because that makes it less creepy, right?

Also lusting over this sequined number and this entire outfit, especially the moto jacket.
@grrfeisty wearing the Quinn Faux Leather Skirt
Old Navy fox sweater


Sorry for not changing into workout gear but I was short on time. And I promise I don't have scoliosis, I was just twisted oddly to get a pic of my back in the mirror.
I'm not really keen on putting these numbers out there but it will keep me more accountable.  My goal is to get below 135 lbs. And stay there! For the last year I've floated between 135-141 and I'm just ready to get out of those numbers. 

Who else is joining us?  Make your purchase from me by tonight to be entered for the FREE SPARK!