Monday, December 2, 2013

monday morning quickie

Happy Cyber Monday!  I'm in Austin but getting ready to head back to Houston, so my schedule is off a bit.  The Holiday Clean Up starts today with Sami and me! Sami already posted her before pics and stats, as did Kristen, so go check these amazing ladies out! And yesterday I shared an easy shopping list to help you get ready for the cleanse.

I had not originally planned to stay in Austin until this morning, but it ended up that way so I officially can't start my cleanse until I get to Houston where it is waiting for me.  Which means no weigh-in or stats yet either, because what good is it to weigh-in on my mom's scale when I won't be back for a 3 weeks? Plus, the damn thing weighs in like 4 lbs light so I'd be all happy for no reason.  Wah wah.

You still have time to join us! If you order from me by tonight, you'll be entered to win the FREE box of Spark! Plus, I'll be posting my daily meal plans the day after I eat them so you can always just use those posts as a guide.  Personally I cannot wait for this bloated feeling to leave! As if Thanksgiving wasn't enough, we celebrated my brother's birthday last night so I ate all the mexican food and drank all the vodka tonics. Sorry I'm not sorry.

True sibling love.  Happy birthday, Ben!

What does the fox say?
Most adorable niece EVER. Plus, she loved the fox sweater!
Then we came home where my mom and I sat down to drink wine (because there wasn't enough drinking at dinner) and order wedding invitations!! Seriously, that has been the hardest part of wedding planning for me  Pretty much everything else - dress, venue, bridesmaid dresses, food - was super easy. I recognized that I had found "the one" pretty early on in the process and that was it. No more looking, not more need to look. This invitation stuff though? UGH! There are so many gorgeous options out there but none that felt right. And it's just a piece of paper! Why the stress?

Long story short, we bit the bullet and bought the pricey ones that I kept coming back to. They're gorgeous and I'll share them when they come in.  But don't you know what popped up in my email this morning??

25% off ALL wedding products with MON25

You better believe I'll be calling when their office opens (at 8am PACIFIC TIME???) so they can apply that 25% off to my order.  Or cancelling and then reordering with the code.  That's way too much money to be saved spent on other things!

Hope you're all having a great day back after the holidays! Stats and pics will be up later today!



  1. Gotta love those deals! Glad you found something you love!

  2. I hate when things go on sale the day after you buy them! So frustrating. I also hate that no two scales are calibrated alike... it's enough to drive a girl crazy!!!


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