Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

Happy Friday, beeetches!

Rebecca Black recently watched her Friday video and gave us some mildly entertaining commentary.  

Mostly likely while you are reading this, I am taking my final exam of the semester.  Wish me luck, send me some good mojo, say a prayer, or whatever your preference may be. I am not picky when it comes to good vibes!

One of my closest friends (and bridesmaid!) Julie is coming in town this weekend! She was my roommate during Teach for America, she knew me when I just had a crush on B, and I love this girl more than I want a brownie right now.  I'm cleansing, so that means even more than it usually would.  We're running a 10K tomorrow and then drinking lots of moondrivers.  I. CANNOT. WAIT.

My wedding invitations came this week and they are gorgeous. I'm sure every bride says that so I feel very stereotypical saying that. But it's true. I'll probably share them soon, either on here or some other form of social media, since I plan on addressing them alongside a large glass of wine.  Maybe it's time to invest in one of these so I don't spill on my pretty invites?

The post office and I are in a fight.  I thought I was going the easy route by ordering wedding stamps online. We ordered them on Dec. 1st, and yet here we are, 12 days later and they haven't even been shipped yet.  Seriously?? Where else do the stamps come from if not from the same place that mails thing? The real kicker is that today while my mom was on the phone with customer service the woman helping her didn't hang up the phone before actually said. "Oh boy, this order is a mess."  I kid you not.  If the USPS can't FIND and MAIL me stamps, then what have we come to?

I will be celebrating the end of the semester by going on a stamp hunt around the greater Houston area.  Much like my test, good mojo and prayers are appreciated. Or you can just tagalong to keep me company from going insane.

Annnnd Milli might have an eye infection. Because after stamp hunting I really want to spend my weekend at the vet for overpriced eyedrops.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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  1. Poor, poor Milli! Hope she's feeling better! And I'm positive you rocked your final, because that's just how you roll!


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