Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Showers bring May.... Meltdowns?

Good morning!  And HAPPY TUESDAY! Because Tuesday is almost Wednesday which is halfway through the week and it's kind of like we can round up and say it's Friday, right?  Yes??  Alright, glad we got that settled.

Next up? I got myself a BlogLovin button (as seen to your left and at the bottom of the post).  Pretty darn proud of myself.  But that's not all! I'm also joining my first link up with Rachel at Postcards from Rachel and Northern Belle Diaries to honor my fancy little new button. Be sure to stop by and check it out!

So, Sunday night I stayed up later than I wanted (close to 1am - why do I do this to myself??) but still made time to get up sort of early Monday to work on my new resolution...

I'm vowing to wake up at 5:00am (or close to that) every weekday so I can....
have time to myself
read blogs
post on my blogs/others' blogs
wake up slowly

maybe workout!

It seems that quite of few of you successful bloggin' ladies do this and it works, so I figure it can't hurt to try it. Plus, I'm sick of always running around like a chicken with my head cut off in the mornings because I've snoozed my alarm for 30 minutes an hour. At least. 

Alright, let's back up a little bit....

I was dog sitting this weekend (something I do, along with babysitting, to make extra moolah) and it kind of wears me out.  Not the actual dogsitting, but I stay overnight there and it's not in my 'hood so I a) miss my man, b) miss my pups, and c) had to bring a shit ton of stuff with me so I could work out and eat clean.  Seriously, a huge ol' bag of Spark/Magic Bullet blender/gluten-free wraps/hummus/Think Thin bars/veggies/fruit/water bottles.  You get the picture.

But Sophie and Izzie are easy to take care of and great dogs. Plus it's good money.  I'll chalk that up as a win!

Sophie (left) and Izzie (right). Super sweet and cuddly pups!
Saturday I built put together a buffet for our dining room. I've been on the hunt for a piece of furniture for our dinner room for a while since we just have a table and chairs in there and I've been storing a lot of crap there since I moved in last summer.  I finally found what I wanted at Target (love that place!) but you know that no trip to Target is ever that easy! I talked about it in Friday's post but needless to say, I came home with way more than just the buffet.
I get a real satisfaction from putting something together, so while I could have waited until B was home, I tackled it on my own.  I'm very impressed with the quality of the piece and now I'm just perusing Pintrest to figure out how I want to style it.  Here it is, currently naked, in our dining room.

It's close to the table now, but we'll take the leaf out and then everything will be A-Okay!

With the bookcase built, I went to our staff picnic.  It's a really fun event every year but Mother Nature got a little cray over the weekend so we left early. The only picture I have is this one of my coworker's adorable daughter, Ellie.  

The sun never sets on a badass.

And here's what I dealt with on my 90 minute drive across Houston - it was only 24 miles people! Shit got crazy and I'm thankful that my mom's little Hybrid Camry was a beast through all the flooded areas! I keeked about how HANGRY I was so... check that out too!

This is the only picture that I took that came out.  But if you want to see some crazy pics/videos, check out grrfeisty's blog - she and her fiance got stranded a mile from home with 2 dogs and had to walk!

Lastly, I'm participating in the May Meltdown with Ms. Michaels starting TOMORROW (May 1st)! 

The challenge is to workout with Jillian Michaels everyday for the month of May (hey, that rhymes!).  Mrs. Elle Noel and some other wonderful bloggers (Kate, Kara & Kristie, Meredith, and Kassie) came up with this challenge and I'm super pumped about it. I recently instagrammed and blogged about how I just got the JM 30 Day Shred and I've done it a few times but not daily.  So that's the JM torture I'll be enduring.  Hopefully I can get a post up Wednesday with some measurements and pre-pictures.

Have a great day! Leave my some blog love or follow me on BlogLovin!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Four

Being new at this blogging thing [though I consider myself a connoisseur of other people's blogs], I've been basically hunting around on my favorite blogs for ideas to write about.  I realize that sounds a lot like stealing at first, but what I mean is, I'm looking around for weekly posts that I like and think I could commit to posting. And link-ups. I feel like the key to getting people to read my blog [thanks for reading, mom!] is exposure and linking up could be a pretty simple way to maybe get a reader or two.

Alright, so this "Friday's Four" idea is from Jake at The Life of Jake..., who I started reading through Holly at Where We Can Live Like Jack & Sally.  He's hilarious and I wish I lived near Holly because she sounds like an awesome chick.  You should read their blogs. Moving on. It's Friday and I'll share four things with all my amazeball readers [I'm looking at you, grrfeisty!].

1. I am starting nursing school in less than a week (!!!!) and have these two nagging history courses I am trying to finish for prerequisites. They are seriously putting me on the struggle bus.  I've never been a history aficionado despite the fact that my BTF* is a history teacher. At my school. Literally, one classroom down the hall.

*BTF = Best Teacher Friend
Seriously folks, it's getting down to the wire.  My Reminders app on my phone looks like this and it makes me want to pull my hair out/stress eat/plop down on the couch for a week-long binge of Real Housewives of Wherever.

This is without the 17 gazillion 23 assignments & quizzes I've already done.  And those old due dates... suggestions.  Nothing is really due until the course ends next weekend. Which is like crack to my little procrastinating self.

2. The top button on my iPhone may be broken and it is driving. me. CRAZY!  It's the button that shuts the screen off when you're taking a 2-minute break from instagram done using it.  I have to push it down really hard to make it work and even then it only turns it off about half of the time.  The worst part is that I use that top bottom ALL THE TIME with the home button to take screen shots which means most of the time I just activate Siri and she makes that annoying beep-beep sound as she waits for a command. 

I hope to order a personalized LifeProof case soon and maybe taking the clunky Otterbox off will solve the problemo. Anyone have a suggestion on where to order one?

3.  I think I'm addicted to Spark. If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you're missing.  I've been using it as a replacement for my $5-a-day Starbucks habit for about a month now and I haven't regretted it for one second.  It tastes so damn good.  I also feel like a real pusher at my work because I'm pretty sure I've recommended it to everyone.  But it really is that good.  If you're curious, order some from the link above and then try to prove me wrong.
Fruit Punch and Mango Strawberry are my favorite flavors. Grape tastes like Dimetapp and that shit is gross.
When I drink it I feel like a hydration champ because I mix it with way more water than recommended. And I'm cheap so I have the tub which recommends 42 servings but I hope to get about 60+ servings out of it by using a less-than-full scoop for each drink.

4. I bought my first swimsuit of the season today. Actually, I bought my first TWO swimsuits of the day today. Got them from Target. Story of my life, I went in for two mother's day cards and walked out with cards, chevron padded mailers (shout to Skinny Meg - "I was born to wear chevron!"), two swimsuits, and a bookshelf that I'll use for a buffet in our dining room. Ooops!

Both suits from Target: blue top and bottom, pink top and bottoms.

Anyways, they're very cute and if I get the balls one day soon I'll post a pic of me actually wearing the swimsuits.  Possibly with a side-by-side to an old pic of thicker me in a swimsuit.  We'll see. May take a few bottles glasses of wine for that to happen.  In the meantime, head to your local Tar-jay (What, you don't say it like? Just me and my grandmother?) and check out the cute swimwear.  Even if you're not feeling it yet, it could the motivation you need because summer will be here sooner than you bitches realize. And I for one want to drink my skinny margaritas pool side without having to worry about posing just right to avoid a fat roll or a stomach pooch.



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Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Hair and Product Love

First, I've got to give mad amazing props to my hair girl, Rondeann.  If you are in the Houston area and need the hook up, please contact her! She is at Thairapy Salon & Spa and you will not regret it.  Tell her I sent you over!

Alright, I tend to go through phases where I change my hair a lot and then I'll go a disgustingly long time without even so much as a trim.  You do that too, right? No? Just me, huh?

Here's a little walk down memory lane of my many hair styles:
Birth-2006                Feb 2007                  August 2007                 December 2007              April 2008
October 2008           December 2008            January 2009               August 2009               May 2011
October 2011              August 2012              December 2012            January 20013              March 2013

And the latest, thanks to Roandeann:
April 2013

I've been loving the ombré look lately and told her to take it even further than last time.  And she hit it out of the freaking park! I naturally identify with being a blonde, though truth be told I have no idea the exact shade of my natural hair.  And I'm 99% sure I want to be blonde again by our wedding which is next March.  So Rondeann is fulfilling my ombré needs while helping me slowly get back to blonde without totally killing my hair.  She is like a hair angel. A badass, tattooed, super talented hair angel!

And here are the other little babies that I rely on to keep my hair healthy and style it.  When I say my hair is fine, I mean like a baby.  It has no natural curl or wave or body to it.  Easy to take care of but not so easy to make it look amazing.

Left to right:

Garnier Frutis Triple Nutrition Shampoo
Shimmering Lights Shampoo Blonde & Silver (use one to two times/week)
Aussie 3 Minute MiracleComditioner
Keune Color Care Shampoo
Keune Color Care Conditioner
Big Sexy Hair Root Plump Plus
Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play
Prive Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Assuming I wash my hair everyday, I use the Garnier Shampoo and Aussie Conditioner about 3 times a week. I use the Shimmer Lights Shampoo once a week with the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.  On the other days I use the Keune Color Care products, which I got from my salon.  It seems to be a nice mix for my hair to provide the color protection while also keeping it moisturized.

Since discovering the Prive Volumizing Dry Shampoo, I do not have to wash my hair every day and it is AMAZING.  I've tried what feels like a million dry shampoos and this one is by far the best out there.  It's a super powerful aerosol spray but the formula is a fine powder.  There are no flakes or chunks in your hair.  And if you're like me, with oily hair and skin, then usually if I don't wash my hair then I just feel like I'm masking the dirty with dry shampoo and I still feel gross. This actually makes my hair feel clean. And I can stretch a shampoo out to 2 or 3 days!

As mentioned, I've got fine hair. The root pump plus actually lifts it which has 2 wonderful benefits - gives my volume AND keeps it from getting oily fast.  Bonus!

Any other recommendations on hair products you guys can't live without? I'm a product junkie and always love trying new things! Comment below :)


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Saturday, April 20, 2013

101 in 1001

I'm 27 years old. Which I know isn't old but... I feel like time has gotten away from me.  When I graduated college way back in 2008 I immediately joined Teach for America and promised myself that I would teach for two years tops and then go to medical school.  Well, 2 years turned into 3 years then 4 years and now I'm wrapping up my 5th year.

I am leaving at the end of this year.  Actually, I start nursing school a month before the school year ends.  Yes, you read that right; nursing school and not medical school. I'll save that for another post.  And thinking about balancing my teaching job with school for a month gives me extreme anxiety.  So instead of grabbing a case bottle of wine, I'm calming my nerves by making a bucket list.

I got the idea to do a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days from another blogger, Kristyn at Chits & Giggles.  Clearly I don't have 101 things down yet, but I'm working on it.  If you have any suggestions of what to add to my list, please comment!  My end date is January 16, 2016 :)

1. Get a tattoo.
2. Get married.
3. Graduate nursing school.
4. Get 100 blog followers.
5. Host a giveaway.
6. Save $10k. (Almost there now but nursing school will surely drain the account.)
7. Pay off my car.
8. Paint our downstairs bathroom.
9. Run a 5K in 30 minutes or under.
10. Run a 10K.
11. Run a half marathon.
12. Run a marathon.
13. Complete a sprint triathlon.
14. Complete Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred.
15. Complete P90X.
16. Teach my dogs a few tricks.
17. Participate in a 30 for 30 clothing challenge (scrubs don't count).
18. Reach 200 Instagram followers.
19. Reach my goal weight: 125 lbs.
20. Learn to sew a button back on.
21. Learn to make grandpa's candy.
22. Reach 250 Pure Barre classes.
23. Complete a Tough Mudder.
24. Stop texting and driving.
25. Own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels. (Anyone want to buy me a pair? Donate?)
26.  Take boudoir pics.
27. Organize our office/home gym/dog room.
28. Go one year without a speeding ticket.
29. Paint every any room in our all beige house.

PS - I realize that babies are not on this list.  The boo and I have chatted and that will come much later.  At least 5 years, God willing.  We'd like to accomplish a few other things before that happens, such as finishing nursing school, getting him a Corvette and moving into a nicer, bigger house.
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Thursday, April 18, 2013

30 Day Shred (and how I got here)

I started the Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred tonight.

I'm already sore.

A little back story first. On March 10th, I got in a pretty bad car accident. It was the first weekend of spring break (I'm a teacher) and I was visiting my family in Austin. My brother was originally supposed to get married on Saturday, March 9th but it was called off in January. Being that it was the wedding date and I had to go to Austin for some wedding meetings of my own that week, I drove in that day for moral support. I had dinner with my fam and then my brother was heading out to a friend's house so I went along. Long story short, I got in a bad wreck at 2am in the pouring rain when I was driving back to my mom's house. I thank God every single day that no one was seriously injured. I broke my left hand and ended up having to get a cast.

My wrecked Cruze.  6 weeks later and STILL in the shop.
That cast came off 4 days ago. My hand is super gnarly but that's another post when I can actually say that my hand is useful again. For now, it's a mess of dry skin, swollen bruises and a wonky ring finger.  Sweet.
About 12 hours after the wreck.  My best friend took the ER's splint off so she could remove my acrylic nails.  Best. Friend. Ever. Send the girl a freakin' award.
Prior to breaking my hand, I was doing Pure Barre around 5 times per week and had just starting going to CrossFit. Turns out, you can't do either of those things with a broken hand. I don't have a regular gym membership so I felt stuck. I'd been toying with trying to run again, but was told to avoid that with my hand because it would make the swelling worse.  Not to mention the smell it would create.  Gag.  Plus, I'd lost about 10 lbs from working out and didn't want to lose that progress. At this point, I had been following pretty closely while Mama Laughlin and Skinny Meg did the Advocare Cleanse, which then turned into the 24 Day Challenge.
My sweet package for the 24 Day Challenge. Worth every motherloving penny.
Since I couldn't work out, I decided to attack my terrible diet.  I bought the entire 24 Day Challenge and figured I didn't have anything to lose. Except maybe $200. But for that price, I felt pretty committed to the program.  I revamped my eating habits, went 99% clean (there may have been a bachelorette party in there where I broke every cleanse rule in the book) and really loved the results I got. [Confession: I ate Chick-Fil-A four nights in a row right before starting the cleanse.  I really wanted to go out with a bang.]

Me with the Bachelorette, grrfeisty!

Loooong story is... I worked out today for the first time in almost 6 weeks.  I did the Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred at level one.  Overall, I was pleased with the program.  The 20 minutes went by quickly and I already feel sore.  Some of the stuff was still hard with my left hand - pushups didn't really work out and my wrist got sore fast from the weights.  All I've got are 5 lb-ers so starting with 2 or 3 lbs probs would have been smarter.  Oh well - live and learn.
Pre JM 30 Day Shred.
Post Shred #flexbreak

I'm going to attempt to get up before work to complete Day 2.  Usually my bed wins out so we'll see.


PS - If you want more AdvoCare info, please email me at YFGBlog[at]gmail[dot]com! I'd love to let you know how it went for me.  Or you can check it out here :)
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I'm starting a blog. And you'd better like it.

So I've decided to start a blog. I've got a few friends who blog (some successfully, some... less so). And I'm borderline obsessed with some bloggers out there. I figure that they all seem to have a great time blogging, all the while meeting some amazing ladies and enriching their lives.  Why shouldn't I get in on all that?

Plus I start nursing school in 14 days and figured I don't already have enough on my plate. Duh.

Check back again soon and I promise to have another entry with more about me and why the heck I think I'm awesome enough to have a blog.


PS - That's Your Favorite Girlfriend.  Don't worry if you couldn't make that connection. It's only my first blog and I'm not yet famous so I don't expect you to know that.  

PPS - I'm kidding.  Please come back again :)
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