Saturday, December 7, 2013

3 months!

The holidays are in full swing, my final exams are almost here, and our wedding is just 3 months away!  Eeeek!

 Coat: J. Crew Factory
Earrings: Kendra Scott (gift from my bff)
Shirt: Forever 21, old
Jeans: Loft
Flats: Old Navy

Last night was the Christmas party for B's job (and my old job) and it was wonderful to see so many of my old coworkers!  Even though I know that leaving teaching was the right decision for me I still miss the people I worked alongside.  Teaching is a hard job but those people made everyday I was there better.  They aren't just coworkers (okay, some of them were); they're friends.  Many of them watched my relationship with B develop from the start and they'll be there to celebrate our marriage in March.


I'm still on my 10 day cleanse which meant no boozing or dessert table for me.  And honestly, it was tough.  There are just so many delicious things out at this time of year.  I stuck to the fruit and veggies trays and woke up this morning feeling great so I know it was worth it.  Plus, the wonderful hostess sent me home with extra fruits and veggies - score!

This week has also been a busy week for wedding planning.  While I was home last week, my mom and I met with our venue to consult about the bartending.  The venue includes bartenders but they offer packages to include glassware, mixers, garnishes, etc.  They also help you decide what to order and how much.  Our meeting was with Jaime, who it turns out is also going to be my Day of Coordinator! I loved her and felt like we had a great vibe so that puts my mind at ease a ton.  I'll post later about our bar decisions because I need your help! In addition to planning the bar, we've been ordering invitations, working on music selections, changing our catering up a bit, and picking up the bridesmaid dresses!
The venue was set up for a wedding that night and it's pretty much exactly how I'll have it too!
I'm also starting P90X today. I figure, what better time to try to actually get through all 90 days then the 3 months before my wedding.  Any tips for staying committed?

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.  It's freezing cold here (for Texans) but I'll probably still brave the weather to visit my love, Target.



  1. That place looks amazing!!! Love the eclectic chairs. I didn't realize you meet B through work, that's how Ammon and I met too!

    We only did beer and wine at my wedding, because we did a daytime wedding, but my best advice is to sit whether you can get the bartender's attention easily, and have them stash a specific amount and type of alcohol for the two of you -- we didn't, and we ran out of the good beer before Ammon or i got any.

  2. That venue is gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics after your wedding!


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