Friday, December 20, 2013

buy all the sparkles

I wrote this post Thursday but for whatever reason the internet gods didn't want it posted.  So yay, two posts for this Friday!

Thank you for all the kind words about my cleanse results! I seriously love the way I feel once I'm through with the cleanse.  Unfortunately, I'm still very much under the weather so my diet has consisted of soup, ritz crackers, and an embarrassing amount of apple juice.  I'm ready to feel better, work out, and eat right.

So while I've been feeling sick, I've had plenty of time to tackle my to-do list but I'd rather just play around on pinterest. Anyone else feel that way?  I've been really drawn to festive outfits lately and if I could only find that money tree then I'd buy all the sparkles.  

B's holiday work party
top: Forever 21 (old | similar | similar | similar)
jeans: Loft
flats: Old Navy (exact)
earrings: Kendra Scott (exact), gift from my bestie

Love the look of the shirt but damn, those sparkles are itchy!

Ugly Christmas Sweater party/house warming

(L) With the lovely Roxy and wearing my faux fur vest, (R) blurry pic pretty much represents how the night went.
vest: Target, kids' section
shirt: Tobi (exact)
jeans: Loft

Pure Barre holiday dinner
blazer: Forever 21 (old | similar | similar)
top: Francesca's (new but not online)
jeans: Loft
heels: Banana Republic Factory
Of course there were sparkles somewhere on the shirt! Did you think that I was just wearing a plain black shirt? Nope, business in the front and party in the back.

joint birthday dinner with my wonderful sister-in-law
top: Francesca's (exact)
jeans: Lof
heels: Banana Republic Factory

Unfortunately, this is when I was coming down with whatever cold has taken hold of me and you can see it all over my face.  Don't fear, I didn't let it get in the way of a great night and a few drinks!

I have not stopped thinking about these Michael Kors shoes since seeing them days ago. My only saving grace was that Marshall's didn't have my size.  But that was Marshall's in Houston. I'm heading to Austin later today and you best believe that I'll be checking out the stores there... once this nasty cold is gone.

What have you been wearing to holiday parties this year?



  1. I love everything you put together! Luckily for me, I haven't gone to any parties that require too special of dress - it always stresses me out trying to put something together!

  2. mmmm apple juice. I thought I was the only person that wanted apple juice when they were sick. we're twins.


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