Friday, December 20, 2013

yesprep 10k

Last Saturday I ran with YESprep college rush 10K with two good friends.  It was my first run since the Shiner Half Marathon.  Not my first race (well, it was that too). It was my first time running since the half.  Once I completed the half, I just felt like I needed a good break from running.  When Julie told me she was coming to town and planning on running the race, I thought it would be great to run with her.

Backstory: Julie did TFA with me and we were roommates during our second year.  I love this girl! She taught in Houston for five years (like me), two of which were at YES Prep, a network of charter schools here.  This past summer, she moved back home to Boston but she's made a few visits back this semester. She is also one of my bridesmaids!

Anywho, Julie, Roxy and I were signed up for the 10K through downtown Houston. I planned on some little 2-3 milers the week leading up to it, but finals got in the way.  It was actually a beautiful morning for running; breezy and in the mid-60s.  About half-way through the run, the sun even came out!
Midrun with Roxy (photo credit: Roxy).
The run itself was great.  Very nicely organized, especially considering that it was only the second year.  The course was a 5k loop so use 10k-ers just ran it twice.  There were cops everywhere on the course to stop traffic and ensure there were no problems, which I thoroughly appreciated.  And we ran by the hospital where I did my psych clinical - hello, flashbacks! 

Small race means no official photographers, but luckily Roxy finished ahead of me and captured my finish!
Roxy rocking our sweet finish tee!
Julie and Roxy ran a bit faster than me but we all ran without stopping.  I finished in about an hour and 10 minutes, which put me at a faster pace than my half.  Consdering I hadn't run in weeks, I was a-okay with that!

Once the race we over, we hung around for a bit to take advantage of free coffee and fruit.  We also picked up some sweet long sleeve tech tees for the finishers. I loved that they had different shirts for the 5k finishers and the 10k finishers - if I run 10k, I want people to know!After spotting this cool art wall (which may have been the wall to a bathroom), we of course took some fun pictures! 

Getting arsy with a (rare) fall leaf (credit: Roxy)

Me, Julie and Roxy! (credit: Roxy)

I love these jumping pics! (credit: Roxy)

After the run, we decided to head to Empire Cafe for brunch and drinks.  I used to brunch there all the time when I lived in midtown but it is so far from where I live now. I'll take any chance I'll get to have some delicious breakfast and mimosas!

Coffee, mimosas, and bloodies - brunch's best friends!
I'm looking to sign up for another half in the spring, but I might be crazy thinking I can handle the training while in school and leading up to my wedding. 

Thoughts? Anyone want to join me?


(Read Roxy's recap here!)

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  1. I totally agree - they need to have different shirts for the different distances. There's a big difference between the two races!!


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