Monday, September 30, 2013

(Half) Marathon Monday #5

Happy Monday, people!
This week was slightly better than last.  And it's also my first post since last week's training recap. That should give you a hint at how busy I am! Plus, I spent a very productive weekend in Austin and have a picture post ready for you folks on Tuesday so check back!

Week 4 
Monday // 3.5 miles // Pure Barre
Tuesday // 2 miles or cross // Rest
Wednesday // 3.5 miles + strength // Pure Barre
Thursday // rest // Pure Barre
Friday // 40 min cross // 3.65 miles (13:01 pace)
Saturday // 5 miles // 1.3 mile walk*
Sunday // stretch & strengthen // 1.3 mile walk*
Scheduled workout is in gray and actual workout is in pink.  Rest days are orange.
Total Miles // 12 miles // 3.65 miles

Friday was a treat. I really didn't want to run after being up late with family Thursday evening, but Roxy (grrfeisty) was in town and our visits overlapped by one day so we agreed to meet up for a run. She had been in town for a work conference since Tuesday and was leaving Friday. I got in Thursday and was leaving town Sunday. We've both been working on our health and fitness for the last few years. Nothing extreme, just more conscious of our decisions (and more aware that we don't have the metabolism of 19 year olds anymore!).  So we met up at Town Lake and ran the 3 mile loop. Except we got lost at one point so it turned out to be 3.65 miles.  I needed to go 4 miles but had to use the bathroom since we left and couldn't want any longer (TMI? Sorry!) so when we rounded back to our starting point, I sprinted to the restrooms.  After that, there was no going back out there.
Thanks for the potty humor, Austin!

The run was tough and I'm glad I had a friend to push me.  Roxy is tiny but can book it.  This was the longest she had ever run but her pace far exceeded mine. I'm trying to talk her into running my upcoming 5K and 10K - do it, Roxy!  We also stopped periodically to snap photos (her, not me) and get some water. I'm perfectly content with a pace of 13:01 and want to focus on my endurance from here out.  Taking 10+ days off from running had a toll on me and I don't want to backtrack like that again.

As for my weekend runs, whenever I'm in Austin, my mom and I like to walk the dog to Starbucks and back in the morning. It's our little ritual. We chat, take Milli out for some exercise, grab some coffee, and make our way back to the house. If time allows, we'll go further into the neighborhood. For this short visit, my mom to work on Friday but we got our walks in on Saturday and Sunday. It wasn't strenuous by any means but it got my sore muscles warmed up and moving. Someday I hope I live in a neighborhood with tree-lined streets that is within walking distance of a grocery store, coffee shop, and some restaurants.

Check back tomorrow for some more pics of the weekend.  And send me some good vibes - my Psych final and Psych ATI exams are both today!



  1. Wow, you stay so busy! No idea how you fit it all in. Good luck with everything and hope to see you later this week! :)

  2. Haha running if you have to pee is maybe the worst thing ever! Hope to see you at bingo if your schedule allows! :)

  3. How do you do all this?! You are so awesome!

    Do you find that getting started with the run is the hardest part - ie. getting your butt off the couch?

  4. I want to try Pure Barre soon! I think I would love it!


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