Tuesday, September 10, 2013

good one, Jimmy

Remember that twerking video I posted Friday? It sort of blew up over the last few days. Last night I even saw it on Chelsea Handler as I fell asleep.

Well, today I came across this clip:

Well played, Jimmy.  Well played.

Hope you're all having a great Tuesday.  Generally I take tests on Tuesday so I spend my day down in G-town but our test was yesterday instead. This means that I'm playing catch up with my life at the moment.  On the agenda today:

Pure Barre class
run 2 miles
sweep/mop downstairs
vacuum upstairs
clean bathrooms
complete psych assignment
read at least one chapter in psych

Anyone want to come help? I can provide the companionship of 2 cute pups and we can snack on some delicious edamame hummus and gluten-free beer.

Bueller? Bueller?

Hope your Tuesday is looking more interesting than mine!



  1. Ah, Jimmy has done it again! Ha!

  2. Your to-do list is a lot like mine, minus those last two. Hope you made it through!


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