Monday, September 16, 2013

(Half) Marathon Monday #3

Before we get into the nitty gritty of training, I have some questions for all you athletic, healthy people out there.  How do you fuel when running?

 Do you eat before a run?
If so, what do you eat and how far in advance?
Do you eat while you run?
At what distance did you start eating while you run or carrying water or wearing a hydration belt/vest?

I feel pretty clueless about these things.  They seem to be the details that people don't really get into, but as a new runner, I need to know! And I get the whole listen to your body thing.  The thing is, my body is not and never has been a runner and yet here I am, trying to make it be a runner. So it is screaming and crying and pitching a fit the entire time.  I'm having a hard time deciphering what is my body just whining about being pushed and what is actual hey, give me some water and food you crazy lady!

So really, any advice you have is appreciated. No matter how small or insignificant you may think it is - I want to hear it all!

Shall we see how I did this week?

Week 2

Monday // 3 miles // 3.01 miles (11:24 pace)
Tuesday // 2 miles or cross // Pure Barre
Wednesday // 3 miles + strength // Pure Barre
Thursday // rest // Pure Barre
Friday // 30 min cross // Pure Barre
Saturday // 4 miles // Rest
Sunday // stretch & strengthen // 4.04 miles (12:52 pace)
Scheduled workout is in gray and actual workout is in pink.  Rest days are orange.

Just so you know, I killed that first mile on Monday's run.  Murdered it.  Ran it in 9:17.  Then I almost collapsed and my other 2 miles required short periods of walking (about 1/4 mile each).  But hey-yo, that's a pretty fast mile for me!

After that, my knee was killing me so I ended up taking a few days off running. As you can tell. I made sure to make it to Pure Barre on those days off. Pure Barre is a barre workout that is focuses on strengthening and toning muscle groups to the point of fatigue through small, isometric movements.

You can read more about it here or check out the great review The Southern Wife wrote about her visit to Ballet Physique while in Denver. Both should give you a good idea of what you're getting into with a barre workout. And The Southern Wife is one of my favorite bloggers to follow!

As for Sunday's run, I got it in at midday which is not ideal here in Houston. But I was coming off of an overnight babysitting gig which happens to be near Rice (hello, shaded running path) so I just went for it.  We also do Sunday family dinners every week with B's family so I know I couldn't have run after that.  I was scheduled for 4 miles and ran it in just under 52 minutes. I tried to run negative splits but that didn't happen. Despite making an effort to take the first two miles at a comfortable pace, I was still feeling worn out by the third mile. It was battle of mind over matter just to run that third mile and I ended up walking for a quarter mile once I hit the 3.25 mile mark. I wanted so badly to run the entire 4 miles without stopping to walk but I just couldn't do it. The worst part? After I got in my car and just sat in the A/C for a few minutes I totally felt like I could have finished it without walking.  Ugh!

I promise I wear other running clothes! It just seems like this tank comes up in rotation on my weekend runs. I gotta rep ND all the time {Go Irish!}. And this Tervis tumbler is the bomb. I'm smiling because I finished and because that A/C felt damn god, not because of my pace. Next time I WILL run the whole thing.
 Check in tomorrow for a few extras I'm planning in my race training and later this week for an outfit remix! Hope you all had a restful weekend!


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  1. Sounds like you need something during your runs. I'm no runner nor much of an athlete but I know I need a lot of water when I run. Water with electrolytes. Maybe that's why you feel like you're losing steam midway-- you're running out of electrolytes. Great job on the run and all of that Pure Barre! Thanks for linking up again!

  2. I am not a runner AT ALL but I have noticed that if I eat awfully or not enough the day before, I pay for it! If I drank lots of water and ate three normal meals, then I eat a Kind bar in the morning and I can handle it. I assume everyone is different, but if I try to run on a Saturday after snacking all day Friday followed by some wine? It's not gonna happen!

  3. Do I eat before I run.....only if it is longer than 5 miles. I use spark to help me out. I carry a handheld bottle. I never did before, but now that I have one, I LOVE IT! I use GU and/or sport beans during my run. During my half, I used it before my run, at 4 miles, 8 miles and 10 miles. I typically eat 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with PB, a banana and coffee/water before a run. I try to get it in 2 hours before a race!!! :)

  4. I run first thing in the morning, so... I do NOT fuel for my weekday runs, which are 5-6 miles. I drink Spark and take O2 gold an hour before my run (this means I wake up at 4:15 to take O2 gold and go back to sleep for a few ;) During the run I carry a waterbottle with Rehydrate in it... this has made a world of difference with these hot temps. I never ran with water before, but now I can't run without... even if it's just for the comfort of knowing it's there. I don't fuel during runs unless they are lasting for over an hour... so typically only long runs on the weekends. I use Clif Shot bloks at about the halfway point, whatever that is. I do eat before long runs and on race days... I usually have toast/pb/banana about 2 hours before run. Post long run I drink post-workout recovery immediately after.

  5. I am always trying to figure this out too!! So far I know water is crucial. I have the "waterin" app that helps me track during the day. If I have wheat toast with peanut butter and a banana, I feel like I run much better! String cheese was a no for me, most dairy was actually. So I think it's individual preference!


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