Monday, September 23, 2013

(Half) Marathon Monday #4

To sum up this week's training in one word?


I could very easily list all of the things that go in the way of running. And I'm going to do just that - lucky you. I studied all day for a test. I took a test and then got my flu shot, which wiped me out. Clinicals were exhausting. And a girl showed up with active strep. I started a new job (see below for more on that). Friday was an all day simulation lab (AMAZING) following by a much needed girls' night out. Followed by some bad food (TMI?). I worked again at my new job. Felt sick and missed the Blog Elevated conference. I studied, a lot. My community outreach project is taking up a lot more time than I realized.

Week 3

Monday // 3.5 miles // Rest
Tuesday // 2 miles or cross // Pure Barre
Wednesday // 3.5 miles + strength // Rest
Thursday // rest // Pure Barre
Friday // 40 min cross // Rest
Saturday // 5 miles // Pure Barre
Sunday // stretch & strengthen // Rest
Scheduled workout is in gray and actual workout is in pink.  Rest days are orange.

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I know, Sheree, I know. [via]

I didn't run at all despite my best intentions. But I learned a few things from this week.

I miss running. I'm sorry, what was that? Did you catch that? I. MISS. RUNNING.  A few months ago, you couldn't pay me enough to run and I hated every step of it. Now, a week off and I miss it.  My legs have felt jumpy all week and I'm looking forward to a nice evening run tomorrow.

Balance makes me feel better. I spent a lot of time working this week but I didn't manage my time well. I took too many breaks and naps which resulted in not enough time to run. Even though I hate getting up, once I'm up I feel good and I'm productive.  So on those days when B gets up early for work but I don't have to be anywhere I need to commit to getting up anyway. Getting my day started early is the best way to fit it all in.

I like being busy. This goes with the point above. I know I've got a lot on my plate right now but I like it that way. When I have a lot of things to manage, I (usually) get started on them right away to begin crossing things off my list. I get a little high when I cross something on my list. If I only have one thing to do, chances are I will jack off all day and still not get it done.

Working makes me happy.  It's a weird feeling to not have a career. I enjoy the routines of work, the challenges of projects, and most of all the interactions with people. My program is a hybrid where we come to campus for tests once a week but all the coursework is online. Most weeks, I only see people (aside from B) at clinical and for a test. That's not a whole lot of action for a social girl like myself. And I take pride in a job well done. Basically, this is a roundabout way of telling you all that I got a job! I've mentioned before that I take Pure Barre classes. They're pretty expensive, and when I had a job, I justified the expense. However, I don't have a job now so I was cutting back on classes drastically and basically only coming in when there was a Living Social deal. Well, it turns out that they were looking for additional help at the front desk at our studio and the position comes with a FREE membership for classes.  This is a win-win situation! I'm be working 2-3 shifts a week for just 2-3 hours at a time. I'll get a small paycheck, I can take classes when I want, and I'll be able to interact with a bunch of lovely ladies on a regular basis.  I could not be happier about this!
[Nov. 2012] At the barre with one of our fabulous instructors when we were both recently engaged!

And a few pics from the weekend for your viewing pleasure:
NICU simulation lab baby. Think I may have found my calling!

Enjoying the Sara Bareilles concert with my BTF.

Not sure which song prompted this, but I love it.

GNO at the Sara Bareilles/One Republic concert!

No so sure about this community project for my psych class...

Finally perfected my at home iced coffee recipe.  Mmmmm!

Handsome nephew and even more handsome fiance enjoying some Blue's Clues. My heart melts!
Hope you all enjoyed your weekends! Here's to a great week of training, maintaining balance, & getting the most out of life!


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  1. Sorry you couldn't make the conference! Congrats on the new job!

  2. awesome! i loved this post and i think you still did great lady! I would love to try barre, but not sure that there are any in my area? and i'm embarrassed to ask, but what are you going to school for? so happy you got a job being around something you love ;)
    thanks for linking up and best of luck!
    xoxo- kaara

  3. That baby freaked me out for a second ha! It looks SO real. Crazy cool.

    Congrats on the job! You need to do a post on barre classes. I've been wanting to give it a shot for a while but I am terrified!


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