Tuesday, October 1, 2013

picture post

I've just finished a full day of psych testing and I've got 3 days of lab skills in Galveston ahead of me, so pardon the lack of words.
done with psych clinicals!

enjoying a gluten-free and dairy-free meal, with a side of Dr. Mindy Lahiri

first day of work at Pure Barre Houston

just... no... don't... ugh!

anyone else's dogs stalk them in the bathroom?

my trusty co-pilot and me, heading to Austin

one of two pictures that proved I ran while in Austin

3 generations makes my heart happy
Tati holding Milli's hand

one picture of this little angel isn't enough

Quack's Bakery has the best cupcakes in Austin (not gluten- or dairy-free!)

car ride back home


  1. Hey girly, i sent you some emails for the carabox.. just wondering if you got them!

  2. Gluten free and dairy free? I think I would starve! No just kidding, I like veggies. Good for you!

  3. Mmm that cupcake looks mighty tasty!!

  4. HAH my dogs do the same thing except the stand there and stare at me..creepers!

  5. I want a cupcake now. Thanks friend. ;)

  6. You're beautiful!!! Love your hair in the first picture. Mainly because I ear it that way all the time, my favorite!!! Our dog (who is black and white by the way) follows us to the bathroom. And sits outside the door crying. The whole "restroom" concept doesnt go over well! That cupcake, heaven! Just found your blog and loving it!



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