Tuesday, November 12, 2013

outfit twins and an award!

Left: Audrey | Right: dress: Banana Republic, cardigan: LOFT, belt: J. Crew, flats: Aldo
If you didn't see this on my IG last night, I unintentionally dressed very similarly to one of my favorite bloggers yesterday!  If you're not reading Putting Me Together then you are seriously missing out. I had on this outfit all day before sitting down to study read my bloglovin list and came across Audrey in a similar outfit! I already liked my outfit but this sealed the deal. And I'll probably definitely be repeating it with boots once the weather here finally cools off.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who snaps pictures of myself in outfits to see how it looks, even when I have no intention of posting it anywhere!

Sam at Sam Ispa Loquitur finally answered my Sunshine Award questions! Thanks girl! I love her style and she's doing a really fun challenge right now called take one, pass one. Basically, she is taking one item from her outfit each day and using it again in the next day for a completely new outfit. Much like Audrey, Sam is big into remixing pieces and wearing them in unconventional ways. Plus, her red hair is amazing!

My girl Jesi nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award!  THANK YOU! Jesi and I met way back in college when she was roommates with my good friend, Alex, from high school. I went to visit Alex in Chicago and met Jesi. Fast forward a few years, and we were both placed in Houston with Teach for America without realizing it.  Though we weren't too close at the time, the wonders of social media have kept us in touch and now she is blogging!

VBA rules state that I should share 7 interesting facts about myself and introduce you all to some lovely blogs.  Pretty sure I did that with these three ladies (Audrey, Sam, & Jesi)!

7 Interesting Tibdits
1) I know it's crazy to have more dogs than people, but I desperately want B to buy me a Frenchie.  A little boy pup would be perfect with our girls!
Harley, our English Bulldog, and Milli, our Boston Terrier.

2) Despite living in Houston, I love love love winter coats. I've probably got 4 nice ones and I asked for this one for my birthday.  Which means I could wear each one approximately once per winter here.
You can save 30% using code BIGSALE on that coat, this shirt, this fabulous skirt and more through Nov. 15th.   Free shipping with any order overs $75!

3) My dream vacation would be to go skiing. Last time I went was well over 10 years ago.

4) I love the snow but hated living in it.

5) Washing dishes is oddly soothing for me. But I will gladly do any chores to get out of cleaning the floors. Vacuuming, mopping, sweeping? Nothankyou.

6) I played the piano for 7 years when I was younger and wish I had never stopped.

7) At least once a week I have to drive home after leaving my neighborhood to make sure I actually closed the garage. Pretty sure this qualifies as OCD but it's the only behavior like that I exhibit so I just deal with it.

Tell me an interesting fact about you!



  1. Lately I have been weirdly OCD with the hair straightener. BUT WHAT IF MY HOUSE BURNS DOWN WITH THE CAT INSIDE? Seriously, I couldn't live with the guilt so I turn around and take care of it! And so far it has never been left on...

  2. That Jcrew coat is so cute! I want one like that but in a kelly green color. But you're right, I'll only get to wear it once here in houston lol

  3. If you decide to make your way to the snowlands, we'll put you up!!! We used to be able to get free lift tickets too, but that went away this year, so all we can offer you is a place to stay, booze, company on the ski slopes, and 2 people who are really good at driving in the Mountains =)

  4. I want a frenchie sooo bad. I'm kind of embaressed to admit but I started my love for them when I saw Chelsea on Teen Mom's....womp womp.


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