Monday, November 25, 2013

I did it! And some other exciting news!

First, I have to say THANK YOU for the love and the kind words of support this weekend when I ran my first half marathon! I plan on writing a full recap later this week but I cannot say enough about how much it meant to me to see your messages, your texts, your "likes" and the support on the blog, Facebook and IG.  I never would have had the balls to attempt this if it weren't for the blogging community that helped me believe I could do this.
I have never been happier or colder!
This week is going to be a busy one for me, just like it will be for many of you.  It started with the half marathon, continued on Sunday with a family dinner to celebrate my birthday, and now I'm about to get ready for the first of two consecutive night shifts before we head to Austin on Thursday for Thanksgiving.

To say I'm worried about slacking off now that my BIG GOAL is over and done with combined with the holidays and holiday drinking that is right around the corner would be an underestimate.  I just work better and feel more balanced when I have something I am working towards.  I haven't pinned down the next race or event yet so instead I'm focusing on my diet.  I love enjoying the holidays, which means feasting and drinking to my heart's content with my friends and family. But just on the holiday.  Not for the four weeks between holidays, Cait!

To combat the holiday weight gain, Sami and I are hosting another round of the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse.  We'll be starting it on Monday, December 2nd so you still have plenty of time to order! (Order by Wednesday with 2 day shipping and it should arrive Saturday.  I've found that 2 day shipping, for whatever reason, is usually only $1 more than regular with AdvoCare!)  I'll be posting a shopping list and some meal plans over the weekend so you can plan accordingly. On instagram, tag all things cleanse related with #holidaycleanup so we can all see what each other is doing to be successful!

If you're interested in doing the entire 24 Day Challenge, you would finish that on Christmas Day (or a day early, if you'd like!).  The 24 Day Challenge starts with the 10 Day Cleanse which means there is always time to decide that later.

Basics for the 10 Day Cleanse:
- Comes in Citrus or Peaches and Cream
- Drink the fiber shake the first 3 mornings and the last 3 mornings
- Take the Probiotic Pills on mornings 4-10
- Take the Herbal Cleanse Pills at bedtime for days 1-7
- Cut out alcohol, soda, creamy sauces, sugar, candy, fried foods, processed foods, white flour, and partially hydrogenated oils (personally, I cut out all daily and gluten since it just agrees more with my system!)

The cleanse is NOT a starvation diet or a crazy juicing plan.  You eat real food! Just not crap food!  I always work out on the cleanse and I'm typically eating more food than I usually do, just making better choices about that food.

I'd love to answer any questions or concerns you have about the cleanse! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email:

Hope you'll join us for the cleanse! Time to clean up our holidays, ladies!


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  1. So proud of you!! Congrats again on finishing! Can't wait for our cleanse!!

  2. You did such an excellent job at the half marathon! And I think I may just join you guys for the cleanse... checking it out, so I may text you in a few minutes :)


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