Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Spark and the ICU

Just wrapped up my LAST clinical of the semester and I am thrilled! Being in the ICU was an awesome experience.  I'm fairly certain that I want to be an ICU nurse after my experiences there, though I'm keeping my options open until I've gone through Pediatrics (still thinking I'd love the NICU too!) and Maternal/OB.  Just a few of the things I saw/did during this rotation: someone's eyeball popped out, patients crashing/coding, ventilator patients, female circumcision, and limb amputation.  Crazy, right? I loved every second!

Now that I'm home from what I hope will be my last night shift ever for a while, I'm going to nap hard before B and I head to Austin for Thanksgiving.  We'll be packing up the pups and spending a few days in my parents' house which is currently under renovations. Cross your fingers that the crew is hard at work putting in baseboards and a toilet today! Otherwise, B and I will each be on a couch and we'll be using my parents' master bathroom for all our necessary business. 

Funny Thanksgiving Ecard: Allow me to apologize in advance for what I will do to your bathroom on Thanksgiving.
PLEASE let us have more than one toilet in the house!

Before I slip away to La La Land, I am giving away a FREE box of Spark!  Yup, a whole box of Spark, in whatever flavor the winner wants.  All you have to do is join up with Sami and I for our Holiday Clean Up AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse!  Your entry for the giveaway is your purchase of the Herbal Cleanse. When you buy from me, I'll automatically have your name put in the drawing.  Purchase by Monday, December 2nd to be eligible.  Winner will be announced Tuesday! If you buy a whole 24 Day Challenge then I'll have to come up with an even better giveaway - maybe Spark and some Slam? We'll see!

Sami and I will be starting the cleanse on Monday, but you can always start a day or two late and just follow along. Use #HolidayCleanUp to join in on the fun!

Happy Pre-Turkey Day! Get your sweatpants ready!


PS - The giveaway for $40 cash is still going on at JustJacq. There are just over 100 entries which means you've got a great chance at winning it just in time to spend it on some cute holiday accessories!


  1. I just finished with Phlebotomy school and just Reg for my RN classes :) I am SUPER excited about clinicals... I think I want to be in the ER but we shall see!!

  2. You saw some insane stuff, holy cow! No wonder you want to work ICU, it sounds like it's never boring =). Have a safe trip to Austin!!!


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