Monday, November 18, 2013

Fall Cara Box reveal

You know it's a good Cara Box when you've used most of the items before even photographing them like a good blogger.  

My Cara Box partners were Lisa at Something Infinitely Interesting and Angie at My So-Called Chaos.  Check out what I sent Angie! Both were wonderful partners. This is my second experience with Cara Box and I would recommend it to everyone. You meet some amazing ladies out there! I love picking out gifts for someone, but seeing as my time and money are limited these days, I'll probably sit the next round of Cara Box out. If you're interested, head over to Kaitlyn's blog and check it out along with her sweet new baby girl!

Like I said, this Cara Box was wonderful! The theme was Best of Fall and I got my box a few weeks ago and immediately used so many items that I had to search around my house (and car!) to find everything for this post! 
Febreze Falling Leaves candle
This candle was the first thing to be put to use and as you can tell, it's almost gone! It smells just like fall but is very subtle. I love to have candles lit around the house but only if the aroma isn't in your face.  Lisa, this is amazing! I need to go out and buy more so I won't be without it when it finally dies out.

How adorable are these little fall themed window adhesives?  If I was still teaching, these would have gone up in my classroom immediately. Instead they found a home on my dry erase calendar in my "office" i.e. the dining room. I love them!

And here are the rest of the Fall-themed goodies:
C9 by Champion Hair Elastics (pack of 3)
Fall "Welcome" sign
highlighters for my nursing studies
adorable wooden flower-topped pencil
"Let's Bake" notepad
floral infinity scarf
fall tea sampler
Aubergine nail polish
tall socks (2 pair) 

These hair elastics are pretty fantastic. I'm a little skeptical of hair bands because I have pretty fine hair that gets oily quick which means most hair elastics easily slip right out with any level of working out. But I'm happy to report that these have stayed put through multiple barre classes and a 5-miler.  Plus they come in cute colors!  

I've yet to use the polish (other than testing it out on one nail) but I've already planned to take it home with me over Thanksgiving. Every time I'm in town, my mom treats me to a mani/pedi so you better believe I'll be using this polish!

These socks are perfect for wearing under boots. Am I the only one who wears tall socks on top of my skinny jeans to make it easy to slip into tall boots? Cause these are perfect for that. And they're cute! My only other pair of tall socks is on its last leg seeing as I've worn them to death the last two winters. Hopefully the weather will cool back down soon so I can actually wear my boots and when it does, I plan to accessorize with this scarf. The picture doesn't really do it justice. Half of the infinity scarf is floral and the other half is this great black and white gauze-like material. Cute and versatile!

Cara Box

Have you ever participated in Cara Box? In another exchange? Tell me about it! And make sure to visit the other ladies!



  1. Love the nail polish. I'm also quick to burn through candles. I'm obsessed with them. Stopping by from the link up :)

  2. I can never find hair ties that hold for for fine hair either! When my hair is long enough to pull back, I usually double up on hair ties and adjust my hair a million times a day. I will have to try those out when my hair grows out a little further!


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