Monday, November 4, 2013

project procrastination

I have a final tomorrow and am burnt out but nowhere near done studying, so what's a blogger to do? Make some coffee and blog until her focus returns!  Thankfully, Ashley and Neely put out some great questions for this week's Sunday Social and it doesn't require too much of my precious and limited brainpower.

1. What is currently on your wishlist?

What perfect timing! My birthday is later this month and then Christmas is around the corner.  I sent my mom my annual Wish List today so I'll just give you the highlights here.

holiday wishlist 2013

Frenchie sweater // cookbook // leopard flats // socks // giftcards // vest // watch

Please note: no one I know can afford those actual shoes. But a girl can dream!
2. Share a new app you've recently discovered that we all need.

TimerCam and Men's Wearhouse Group Manager are pretty sweet little apps. And free!  Granted, you only need that second one if you're planning an event with suit rentals required. But I love that I can check in on which groomsmen have yet to get fitted and then email them reminders straight from my phone. Helps keep this bride's sanity in check. 

3. What is a new fall TV show that you've added to your DVR?

Well, B has taken over the DVR (despite resisting it in the first place) so I mostly watch shows on my iPad.  Speaking of apps, if you don't have the ABC, NBC and CBS apps then I'm pretty sure you're not iPadding right. I am loving Trophy Wife.  I have loved Malin Ackermann since 27 Dresses and I want to be Diane when I grow up.

4. Share your social media links so we can follow you!

instagram: @cregan85 (my fav)
twitter: @yfgblog

5. What is a TV show, movie or song that you could watch or listen to over and over and never get tired?

Could this be anymore obvious?*  Didn't we all spend our formative years (and hungover college days) watching Friends and SATC reruns nonstop?

*If you didn't get that Chandler reference then how are we friends??

Alright, back to studying.  This girls needs to learn a whole lot about the liver before 9am.

Sunday Social

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  1. I resisted Friends reruns for the longest time (husband hates it) but now I am back into them and it just feels right! Good luck on your final!


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