Monday, October 28, 2013

Pretty Little Beauty Swap reveal

Before I start anything, just watch this video. I promise it will brighten up your day. Someday I hope to have as much confidence and pizzazz as her!

Alright, on to the goodies!

About a month ago I signed up for the Pretty Little Beauty Swap that Justine and Chelsee hosted. I was paired up with Rachel at Rachel's Country Roots who is such a sweetheart!  We're both pretty busy gals so we didn't chat as much as we would have liked, but everything I know about her I love. Her blog is real and funny, plus she runs the most adorable online boutique - in her spare time! Be sure to stop by her store, Country Couture, and check out her great fall sale.  Just click on her button in my sidebar. Personally, I can't wait to get my hands on one of her infinity scarves.

Backstory: I signed up for Ispy a few months ago because I saw that one month they had the most adorable leopard bag.  I didn't care about the makeup, I just wanted that bag.  I was put in a waitlist or something (not a fan of that) and by the time I was approved, I realized that there was no way I'd get the same leopard bag from months ago so I cancelled my account before ever receiving anything. 

And lo and behold, what did I spy when I opened my AMAZING beauty swap package from Rachel?

That's right ladies - LEOPARD! Ignore my study mess in the background. Girl's gotta caffeinate! Then I practically clawed my way into the package to see what other goodies were in there because I knew it was going to be fantastic.

BB cream, dry shampoo, and leopard? Seriously, this package could have stopped right here and I would have been thrilled! But there were even more goodies inside the fabulous leopard pouch.

Mirenesse glossy Kiss
Leopard Ipsy bag

For the record, as I unpacked all the items I just kept saying to myself "She knows me so well!"  I didn't even know that BigSexyHair made humidity resistant spray but I was just complaining the other day about how the humidity in Galveston wrecks havoc on my hair.  Hello, little angel, you're going straight into my school bag!

And I LOVE dry shampoo.  I've had big hits and some awful misses on various brands so I cannot wait to try out this new one.  And the blush? The color not only looks perfect for me but I actually just lost my blush this week. How does someone lose their blush when they always put on makeup in their bathroom? Who knows. But it is gone and my cheekbones will be oh so grateful for this new replacement.  As for the various lip/brow/eye pencils, I cannot wait to give them a try and update my look.  I'll be sure to report back on everything!

On a more serious note, Rachel experienced a horrible family tragedy this weekend.  If you could find it in your heart to leave her a kind word or just say a prayer for her and her family, I know she would appreciate it while they navigate through a difficult time.  She is a kind person with a beautiful soul who doesn't deserve this kind of heartbreak.

Do you subscribe to any beauty bags? Any favorites you've discovered along the way? 



  1. I'm surbscribed to itsy and I love that leopard bag. Sadly, most of the products I get aren't that amazing but I look forward to it every month so I don't cancel it. I actually did a beauty swap with my sister not too long ago and it was so much fun. It turned into a competition of who could get more stuff within the budget. I lost but it was fun. I'm glad you liked your products! And yes when I go to Galveston I let me hair go natural because of the humidity. Even though Houston is not that much better lol

  2. Glad you enjoyed the program and received some great stuff:) The next sign up starts Friday!

  3. How awesome is this!? Please do a review on the Michael Todd stuff - I've been dying to try it!

  4. I have Ipsy, and from the Ipsy vs Birch Box reviews I have seen, Ipsy usually wins. Although, I don't always like the products. But I did get the Michael Todd Pumpkin mask in my bag a few months ago and since then I have purchased 3 of the oily/sensitive kits. I have seen some pretty amazing results with my skin since changing my skincare routine to MT products. I love the Chella highlighter! I love to use a matte highlight and it also makes your brows look really defined!


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