Friday, October 25, 2013

5 on Friday

Red quinoa has changed my life. I never realized how wonderful gluten-free could be until I discovered this stuff.  Plus, it is filling! Look for some recipes with it next week.

Advocare cleanse is going well.  My days and nights are hella mixed up from working night shifts so I'm sort of on day 7... I think? I'll post on it when I'm done but already down 4.5 lbs.  However, that may not be the case after last night which leads me to...

A big, fat, cream filled cookie sandwich.  Didn't take a pic because I was at clinical but you can imagine it looked like this.  And I ate the whole thing around 3am.  There was a party for a night nurse who is transitioning to days and the nurses brought amazing homemade food, most of which I resisted for healthier options. But at 3am I have very little will power and even though the cookie wasn't nearly as good as it looked, the sugar rush certainly helped out.

This came up when I Google image searched and it links to a pretty awesome sounding recipe.  You're welcome.

Last night was a pretty great night at clinicals, cleanse-fail aside.  I didn't have an opportunity to redeem myself at trying to insert an IV but I did put in my first Foley catheter.  It wasn't hard but it seems like the first time you try anything on a patient, you're going to be nervous.  We learned this skill way back in Adult 1 this summer and I had yet to have a patient that needed one inserted so I was thrilled to have the opportunity last night.  And, I'll spare you the details, but that is probably the last time I will ever be thrilled about inserting a catheter!

I just got home and had a very healthy breakfast (dinner?) but followed it up with a cookie.  Damn these sugar cravings!  Hopefully when I wake up this evening all my sugar cravings will have magically disappeared.  And while I'm at it, I wish for all those damn cookies at the hospital to be gone too by the time I return tonight.

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I love quinoa! But I've only had the normal color (tan/brown). Does the red taste that much different? Or are they interchangeable?

  2. ugh I hate it when you decide to treat yourself to something and it's not as good as you hoped! that happened to me this morning with my bagel. not good.

  3. Sugar cravings are the worst. I tell everyone that if I didn't have a sweet tooth, I would be 20 lbs lighter!

  4. I've never heard of red quinoa. Need to check this out this weekend!


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