Sunday, October 13, 2013

some good news

I mentioned yesterday that Thursday's night shift was less than stellar, which is putting it lightly.  After sleeping the day away I had a slightly better outlook and then some good things came my way.  Doesn't life have a funny way of working out?  Just when you think things are down and out, some good comes your way.

It made me step back and realize that even in the struggles I am incredibly blessed and these challenges are just part of the journey.

So on to the good news...

(1) I made the Dean's List for the summer semester!
Don't judge - I study in my Beats and without makeup.
This wasn't on my radar at all and it just showed up in the mail last week.  It reminded me that the hard work does pay off and now I'm more determined than ever to keep it up.  Plus, I'm halfway done with the fall semester which means I'm also halfway through the program! CRAZY!

(2) My loans were forgiven!

After wrapping up my last year of teaching, I found out that I was eligible to have my undergraduate loans forgiven in exchange for completing 5 years at a Title 1 school.  The amount varies based on grade level and content, but teaching 8th grade science put me in the highest category. I submitted my forms this summer, had them returned because they were expired, resubmitted the forms, and then basically didn't hear anything.  I assumed that I would have to start paying on them again come graduation and I had accepted that being in crazy debt was my reality.

Then I got an email on Friday saying something about "thank you for your payment." I panicked thinking that my automatic payments had started back up and I wasn't prepared for that - they've been in deferment since starting nursing school.  However, when I opened the email I saw this instead:

I actually spit out my Spark when I saw the amount.  That's more money than I've ever had at one time.
And my heart almost stopped.  It took me a few hours of checking the email and logging into my account to actually believe it.  I'm still in shock a little bit!

Yup, those loans are actually paid off! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

(3) The giveaway I won from Kaara and Jacquelyn arrived yesterday!

During September, Kaara and Jacquelyn hosted the Move It Challenge and for each week you linked up with your fitness you were entered to win an Advocare Cleanse.  And I won! I didn't realize that I would be getting so many amazing goodies so I'll let the pictures do the talking.
How cute are these messages Kaara wrote around the box? Made me even more excited to open it!

Advocare Slam, Bowl Game Berry
Advocare Herbal Cleanse, peaches & cream
blogilates blender bottle
crocheted coasters
Advocare Spark, pink lemonade
Advocare Coffeccino, mocha
crocheted head wrap
adorable card

I've never tried the Coffeccino and I love mocha flavor so I'm really excited about that.  And the Slams are perfect for my night shifts at the hospital.  Plus, I'm dying over the crocheted items. They are so soft!  I love it all and I am so excited about it! Please stop by Kaara and Jacquelyn's blogs to show them some love - they are wonderful girls that I'm so lucky to have found!

I'd love to hear what good things have come your way lately! And I know it's cheesy, but thinking positively about the things that are challenging us really does make a difference. I encourage you to try next time something has got you feeling down.


PS - that blender bottle is perfect for the Fiber Drink that comes in the 10 Day Cleanse. I'm starting on Tuesday with Mel and Holly.  It's not too late to order yours!


  1. Congratulations on your student loans! That is ah-mazing news! I'm fortunate enough that mine are all paid off too, but we'll be paying on my husband's loans for at least another 15 years. So frustrating...

  2. OMG wow thats awesome about your loans..I wish I could get that done, but teaching is definitely not in my future lol. Congrats on getting on the deans list thats a huge accomplishment! Keep up the good work!

  3. That is the MOST amazing program ever! So happy for you that you qualified for so much! And look at that giveaway - awesome! The only thing I ever won was some socks...

  4. Ah thats amazing that your loans got paid off! I can't imagine how good that feels!!!!! So happy for you :)

  5. holy shit, girl, you are one lucky lady! I'd die if that happened to me. P.S. they are wash clothes. All cotton so they don't get that funky mildew smell. Just launder like anything else :-)

  6. YAYYYYYYYYYYY [sorry - late to read this!]


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