Wednesday, May 29, 2013

so what wednesday

Fun little link up today with Shannon from life after i "dew".
 So What Wednesday
So what if...

  • my brain is about to explode from reading nursing research articles and instead I'm spending precious time reading blogs.
  • I am way more excited about the return of Keeping Up with the Kardashians than I should be.
  • the best part of my weekend might be finding out if Kimye is having a boy or a girl. E!, don't tempt me.  You better reveal that baby's gender on Sunday's new episode!
  • I'm on my third Spark of the day.
  • my addiction to playing solitaire on my phone is OOC.
  • we've only sold 1 ticket to this weekend's 8th grade dance because I am way too distracted with life to care and if those kids don't want a dance, then I'm not wasting my damn time on a dance.
  • a small part of me feels like a failure for not having kids want to attend the dance.
  • I am trying to get back on the clean eating train but my babysitting kiddos offered me force fed me delicious banana bread at dinner. Yeah, pretty sure that ish wasn't gluten-free.
  • there are only THREE days left for me to show up at work. THREE. HOLY COW. Things just got real. 


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