Saturday, May 18, 2013

Find + Follow Friday Link-Up

Oh, happy weekend! I'm feeling quite a bit like this little guy right about now:

But it's nothing that a quick little link up can't fix!

I'm linking up with some wonderful bloggers who I recently started following.  I'm excited because I'm new to the blogging world.  I've casually followed a few blogs for some time but now that I'm blogging myself I LOVE getting to know a whole new group of bloggers (new to me, not necessarily to blogging)!  And that's what this link up all about!

Let me introduce you to the fabulous hostesses... 

Nicole over at Me and the Moon is an awesome mom and Air Force wife who totally loves animals, which is just one reason why I love her! She recently took some plain jane Ikea coffee mugs and decorated them to look adorable.  I would buy them if they were in a store.  And I wish I had her artistic creativity!

Sarah at Limited Space Organizing does great posts on how to effectively organize small spaces.  As my fiance already thinks I have too much junk, her blog is a great place for me to get ideas about storing said junk (rather than throwing it away)! April was all about Bathroom Organization, and coming from a home with NO LINEN CLOSETS this was very helpful.

Lifeology is Alesha's blog about her life with husband Andrew and gorgeous little baby girl, Charlotte.  She jumps around from DIY projects to thoughts on life and mothermood with some gorgeous pictures mixed in.  Her Good Eats Friday posts are always a favorite of mine!

Lastly, we have Sunkissed with a Twist blogger Nicole.  She hails from Austin (shoutout to another Austinite!) and lover her pups and man, which is just one reason I like her so much! Plus, she's partaking in the Blog Every Day in May challenge so there's lots to read about over there!

So go ahead, check out some awesome blogs. And if you're a blogger then go join the link up so we can make more bloggy friends :)


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