Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Things

Nursing school and working full-time is no joke.  I'm alive and well, just not spending much time blogging/blog reading these days.  But lucky for you, I've given my self a 15 minute break and rather than eat junk food I am taking this time to blog!

1) I'm joining Holly in the Ab 300 Challenge.  I stated earlier this month I'd be doing the May Meltdown with Ms. Michaels but that hasn't really panned out like I wanted.  If you're interested in the challenge, visit The Petit Athleat!

2) I got this awesome new workout tank but I'm VERY self conscious when I wear it around the neighborhood.  I took it out for a run last week and felt like all the moms were giving me the evil eye through their house windows.  But I also love it a lot so I don't think it will stop me from wearing it.

Super Cala Fraga Tank (clink on picture for link)

3) B and I had our engagement party this past weekend and it was wonderful!  My future SIL (who I love and am so blessed to have in my life) threw it for us as a chance for our families and wedding party to get together.

Future SIL could seriously BE my sister.  And I look pretty amazing in that Kiki La Rue dress :)

Most of the wedding party couldn't make it, but this girl did! Julie is a very good friend of mine who I met through Teach for America when I moved to Houston 5 years ago.  She's seen my relationship with B grow from mere flirtations to what it is today.

There were also shot girls at the bar/restaurant and we got my Grandmother to take quite a few tequila shots.  It was the sort of scene my grandfather would have loved and I felt his presence that night very much.  I'm actually getting weepy just sitting here and typing this (though that could be the lack of sleep + the abundance of Spark in my system) so Lord knows how I'll make it through my wedding.

4) Wrote thank you notes for the gifts we got yesterday on these gorgeous note cards I found at Tar-jay.  Holla!
1 // not online // not online

4) Got my Watermelon Spark in yesterday and it's pretty, pretty, pretty good (Larry David/Curb Your Enthusiasm reference? Anyone? Okay then, watch below.)

5) I told myself I'd reward myself for every A I got on a nursing school test.  Took our first one yesterday and got a solid B.  Not horrible, but I'm disappointed in myself and determined to get an A on the next one, which is tomorrow.

On that note, back to studying. Here's an #ootd from school on Tuesday - sweet test hair, Cait.


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