Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's Four: Nursing Orientation Edition

I've been at nursing school orientation the last 2 days so between lots of sitting, listening, and absorbing, I've had very little time to think. But this "Friday's Four" came to me pretty easily today.  Let's get started, shall we?

1. Attending nursing school is without a doubt the right decision for me.  

I am HAPPY there.
I cannot wait until things really get started on Monday.  

Folks, it's been a looooonnggg time since I've felt this way, since I've had this passion.

It's official! And pretty good ID picture, if I do say so myself.  Probably because I always feel gorgeous and confident in a KikiLaRue piko shirt. And because my hair looks fabulous thanks to Rondeann!
To say I was nervous before orientation is an understatement. I think there's always going to be anxiety when you are starting something new. I turned in my resignation letter for teaching this week and at that moment I really felt like there was no turning back. Up until that point, if I wanted to change my mind, I could have. My job would still have been mine. I could have returned to my classroom and repeated everything I did this year all over again next year. But I would missed out on the fulfillment I felt today.  TODAY.  A day of orientation and getting to know the systems and expectations.  If I can feel like this after orientation, then that alone confirms that I'm making the right decision.

2. I took Milli, our Boston terrier, went to the vet on Tuesday for a routine kennel cough shot.  On the drive there she was suspiciously quiet in the backseat.  Turns out she was eating a mysterious white pill.  One phone call to my mom later, I discovered that it was a hydrocodone pill from the night I was in the ER following my car wreck.  That pill was meant for me, a ~150 lb person (at the time).  Not my 15 lb dog. Cue the parental freak out.

My name is Milli and I'm a pill popper.
The vet had me call the Poison Control Line at ASPCA [sidenote: who knew?] which was a $65 phone call for someone to tell me that she may experience dry eyes/nose and possibly some vomiting.   

NEWSFLASH - that dog vomits almost daily anyways because she can't help but eat ridiculously long plants in the backyard that she then chokes on.  At least I knew she'd be fine.

But should our little pill popper relapse, I hear there's an opening in rehab...

3. Kiki LaRue.  Oh Mylanta, that shop has some cute stuff.  I've decided that for each "A" I earn on a nursing school exam, I'll reward myself with one of these KLR goodies.  Here's my current wishlist:

Clockwise from top left: Pink Long Sleeve Piko, Champs Maxi, Layton Leopard Trimmed Top, Gold Studded Pocket Top, Diana Earrings, Famous Leopard Tunic.  All images from

Cute clothes and good grades? Sounds like a win-win to me!
If you'd like to support this cause, please email me :)

4. I know I've talked about AdvoCare on here before (here, here and here).  I'm trying to work up to the next level of discounts because, remember folks, I'm about to be a very poor, very hard-working student who will use my last dollars on rewards from KLR.  If you've ever thought about ordering anything, now would be a great time!  If you're not sure of what you want here are my favorite things and why:

Spark - powdered natural energy drink, amazing replacement for coffee, acts like brain juice
 24 Day Challenge - totally reset my eating habits and has helped me lose 15+ lbs in 6 weeks
Meal Replacement Shakes (Vanilla) - I like the idea of eating breakfast but not getting it together and the shakes make it easy to have a healthy breakfast

Or email me if you're looking for something specific!

Hope you all had a great week and an even better weekend.

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