Thursday, May 2, 2013

Link Ups and Quick Post!

Shout out to all my fellow night owls! 
 It's May 1st (well, it was until 40 minutes ago... details) and you know what that means - 

#4Mchallenge day 1, in the books.  Booyah.

Oh yeah, baby!  I ended up going on an unexpected run yesterday (seriously, I do not run) so I didn't get up early like planned for my girl JM.  Instead, I fit in the 30 Day Shred video tonight between taking two history tests.  [Sidenote: nursing school orientation is tomorrow and classes start Monday.  I am finish up two history prerequisites as we speak.]  I really didn't feel like doing the video but after I started I was so glad that I did.  Funny how exercise works like that, right?

3.24 miles! Still can't believe I did that!

This morning I happened to read Mama Laughlin's post and felt like she was talking right to me.  Yes, this pace is slow.  But it's MY pace. And this is MY fitness journey.  And I'm proud of that 12:07 pace because it is the FURTHER and LONGEST I've ever run.

On to the next link-up... I've been following these ladies for quite some time now (you should too if you aren't already) and I'm excited to finally participate!


Alright, here's what the scale said this morning:

I haven't figured out how to rotate it yet, sorry.  And I know, that pedicure has gots to go. Yikes!  But woohoo! Within 10 lbs of my goal weight (125).

When I started the Advocare 24 Day Challenge I was about 150 lbs.  And most of this comes from changing my diet, folks.  As you may recall reading, I broke my hand right before the challenge so I was not working out AT ALL.  Now, I'm adding it back in.  And I want to have a smoking hot body that I am proud of and that can do stuff - like run. And life weights. And #flexbreak!  Hell yes!

Alright, I've got to get back to the books for now.  And to bed soon - gotta get up at 4am for orientation :)


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  1. Yay running! With all the dog drama this week I haven't been able to do any. Next week! My home scale weighs me in heavier than at work. I wonder where the true numbers lie....

    1. Hey girl! I hate when scales are inconsistent, hence why I always weigh in the morning, before food & drink, naked, on my home scale :) Then I ca at least accurately measure any losses and gains. Hope weigh in goes well today!


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