Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wednesday like whoa

Wednesday has hit me like a ton of bricks and it is only 5:56am.  No bueno.  And the nightmares I had about snakes in my bedroom probably didn't help.

I'm off to my first day of psych clinicals but I wanted to check in first - I got my Cara Box yesterday from Justine at Sleepy Single Girl and it is wonderful! I'll do a full post on it when I get home.  Until then, enjoy this peak!

I'm a sucker for orange and pink together!

If you want to see what I sent over to Leslie at Legally Leslie, you can read her post here.

And last, my newest obsession: Nature's Path Organic Sunrise Crunchy Maple Cereal. Eaten with almond milk.  Do yourself a favor and try this out!

(Note: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just really love this cereal and have found it hard to find gluten-free AND dairy-free cereal options that actually taste good!)

Anyone have other easy breakfast ideas that are (or can be) gluten-free and dairy-free?


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