Thursday, August 15, 2013

moley moley moley

Anyone else think of Austin Powers when you read the title?
I had big plans when I went to bed last night. And NONE of those plans happened today.

Let me back up for a bit. I visited a dermatologist a few months ago because I was having breakouts and couldn't get them under control. I was angry and frustrated that at 27 years old I had pimples. And, hello, I'm getting married next spring! The meds I was precribed at first did NOT agree with me. My skin was red, and super dry - I'm talking big flakes.  So I took the matter into my own hands and gave myself a ghetto at-home microderm abrasion followed by a few days of neosporin.

I DO NOT recommend doing this! It ended up working out but it also could have really scarred my skin. Once I recovered I continued with my meds and lots of moisturizer.

Fast forward to this Thursday...
I had an appointment with my dermatologist at 8am, so I set my alarm for 6:05 thinking I would get a nice, cool morning run in before heading off to my appointment.  Or, if I happened to sleep in (like I tend to do), I would go for a run at Rice University after my appointment.

If you live in Houston, you know how great the running trail is at Rice University AND how close it is to the med center.  Win win.

Well, you know that saying about making plans and God laughing? The old man upstairs had quite the gutbuster today.

I woke up at 7:28am for my appointment.  Which was at 8:00am. 25 miles away. In terrible traffic.

I threw on running clothes (still thinking things will work out, folks) and headed out the door.  No makeup? No problem - it's a derm appointment. She needs to see my skin. 
My skin is much improved but there are still zits hiding there.  Don't worry, you'll see them.  And THANK BABY JESUS for eyelash extensions!
What I was not thinking about what the fact that I was also getting a mole removed. See that mole under my right eye? Yup, got that sucker cut right off.

I had no idea that a tiny little mole would sidetrack my day. But oh, how it did.

No more mole! And lashes all globbed up with neosporin.  Can you spot the zits still lingering around?
The local anesthetic made me feel so weird. It was a tiny procedure but it really took it out of me.  My whole eye area was completely numb, the neosporin was gooping up my eye (and lashes!), plus it was starting to swell and bruise. 

So I headed home and napped. For 5 hours. And then went to the movies and got Chinese takeout. Because that's what you do when it looks like you got punched in face.

Great day for taking it easy and not having to wear makeup.  Not such a great day for working out and eating healthy.

But hey, there's always tomorrow. Right?

Any of you ever have those days where you can't accomplish anything?


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  1. Ugh I totally get this story! I'm 27 and started breaking out again... probably because I went off of birth control this year :-/ Anyway, you look like a fair skinned sensitive lady like myself. I hate going to the derm for acne because I feel like they screw it up (and btw, I totally just got a mole removed next to my left eye... weird!). A few things I've found that help my skin: every so often I do a gentle exfoliation by using just a bit of baking soda with my normal cetaphil; I rub Vitamin E oil on my mole scar every night and every other night all over my face but only very sparingly (VEoil makes my cousin break out, but not me, so every skin is different obvi); I'll gently rub my body brush on my face in the shower if my skin is feeling rough; coconut oil is a great make up remover and moisturizer if your skin is suffering. Whenever I do the brush or baking soda I always use VEoil after. My problem area with my acne is my jaw line and cheeks right now. Kill me.

  2. I totally thought of Austin Powers. And I love any excuse for a nap. Even if there's some pain involved!


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