Friday, August 16, 2013

a winning combo!

What's that you ask? What is this winning combination?

Losing weight and getting paid!

Considering that I ate my way through nursing school stress AND I got my last paycheck this week, I'd say that this is right up my alley at the moment.

So my numero uno for this week's 5 on Friday is.....


A whole bunch of bloggers have joined Diet Bet in an effort to lose 4% of our body weight in 4 weeks.  You put $30 into the pot (plus a $2.95 fee for first time users like yours truly) and then at the end the winners split the pot.  So basically, I can AT LEAST get my $30 bucks back assuming I lose the weight.  And hopefully realistically, some other peeps won't be successful and then I can make a little extra moolah!

Here's a video to help explain it:

And you can register for the DietBet here. Neon Fresh is putting the whole shebang together!

I'm officially on vacay! Granted, it only lasts until August 26th, but I'll take what I can get. My brain needs to relax and my body needs a detox from caffeine and fast food. Which leads me to....

I'm starting the Advocare 24 Day Challenge again for the third time. My attempt in June failed but I figure I've got all the makings of a successful run.  I'm motivated. B is back at work so I'll be on schedule even on break. B is back at work so I won't be tempted to get fast food as much at all. And I'll have adequate time to prep, which really worked against me in June when nursing school hit full swing.

Before I dedicate myself to eating clean, I'm enjoying all my mom has to offer. That's right, I'm hanging with the fam for a few days in Austin.  And there is no chance I can turn down a glass of wine from my mom or grandmother.  For example, we just went out for delicioso mexican food (re: margaritas) and now I'm enjoying this:

Wine + brownies. The dessert of bloggers everywhere!

My trial run for wedding hair & makeup is tomorrow! Follow me on instagram (@cregan85) for updates. And I'll be sure to post on how it all goes next week so check back!

I know, this is more than the linkup promotes. But if you haven't entered Sam's giveaway for a $25 Target giftcard then you've still got a few hours.  Giveaway ends TONIGHT at midnight, folks.  And it only takes seconds!

What have you guys got going on this weekend? Any guilty pleasures you're indulging in this weekend?


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  1. Ummm, my weekend looked a lot like #4. Hope you are able to enjoy your vacation!


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