Wednesday, August 28, 2013

cara box reveal!

I am so excited to share my Cara Box with you all! I received my package yesterday afternoon when I came home from a long morning of orientation for psych clinical and was suffering from some horrible cramps.  Talk about the pick me up that I needed! I immediately dove in to it, sent Justine a quick thank you note, and then curled up in bed with a heating pad. I know, exciting life I lead.

Lots of sleep, a super fast post this morning, and a full day of clinicals later... I'm feeling like a midget is kicking my uterus instead of a full grown ninja a little better and can actually share the goodies I received. And when I say goodies, I mean it!

Cara Box

So like I said in my post earlier, I got a wonderful Cara Box from Justine. The idea behind Cara Box is to be matched up with some bloggers following a theme and at the end of a month of getting to know them, you are sent a box from one girl and send out a box to another girl.  This month's theme was Stages of Life.  So being single (as opposed to married - not yet! - or having children), I got paired up with Leslie and Justine.  You can check out the gifts I sent to Leslie here.  She just started law school and I am so impressed with her ability to do that AND start up a blog!

Justine is an awesome chick from Arizona who is into football (her bf is an arena football player - how cool is that?!) and writes great reviews about the various beauty boxes she gets in the mail. Plus, she is hosting the Pretty Little Beauty Swap which I will definitely be participating in.  Go show her some love!

Without further ado... 
yay! the only thing better than snail mail is a snail mail package!!

seriously in love with the pink/orange combo! how did she know??

Will very likely be taking a bubble bath with this Thursday morning after my run and Pure Barre class. While most of you are at work. Be jealous.

Adorable little hedgehog card.

Now, for the last two gifts, I'm really not sure which is better.  Each one feeds an indulgence of mine though very different indulgences...

This girl freakin sent me a BEER from ARIZONA! So I could check it off my list!  Pretty sure I'll also be drinking this Four Peaks bad boy while I'm in my bubble bath tomorrow.  Beer at 11:00am on Thursday? Why not? Cheers!

Oh, what's that last thing in the box? Toys for my babies that are also color-coordinated in the pink & orange theme?  Amazing.  Clearly, my pups didn't like them at all (as I pry the slobber covered ropes from their jowls).
In summary:
Justine is awesome
pink & orange are always a good idea
beer is the perfect gift
check instagram around noon tomorrow so I can rub my bubble bath/beer in your face (Just kidding. Sort of. Not really)

 The next Cara Box will be assigned in September and you will have until November to get to know your partners. Sign up starting Sept. 3rd with Kaitlyn at Wifessionals. We'll be matched based on our states - any other Texans out there? Will you be participating? I will be!


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