Friday, July 5, 2013

picture post & SIBGSL

Not really feeling like writing much these days, with nursing school and some personal issues going on.  But I feel bad to have abandoned the internet for so long so I'm updating with some pics.  Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July holiday!

PS - SIBGSL. What, you can't decipher my acronyms?  Sorry I've been gone so long. SIBGSL. Duuuhhhh.

Bought some crazy pants and a great shirt.  Recognize the dressing room?  pants // shirt
Testing day outfit... cute but comfy.  shirt // necklace (accessory auctions, old) // pants (Forever 21, old) // flats

Another test day option AND trying to look profesh for group presentations.  Ignore the dog photobomb. dress (J.Crew factory, old)  // belt (Gap, old) // blazer (Banana Republic, old) // flats
Obsessed over these sweet little bracelets.  fox // sparkly bangles (J. Crew Factory, old)
If you haven't had the Wings N Waffles from Breakfast Klub, then you aren't living right.  Get to Houston.  Call me.  Let's grab brunch.
Ready for my momma's birthday brunch! (Ignore my ugly feet) hat (Loft Outlet, old) // necklace // maxi (Old Navy, not online) // sandals (Tommy Hilfiger, via Marshalls)
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom! (Bet you thought she was my sister, right?)
My moms LOVES glitter cards.
Detoxing from the Wings N Waffles while studying.
Movie night with my BTF.  Saw The Heat and it was HILARIOUS! Go this weekend.  But don't bring the kiddos.
Celebrating the 4th with my handsome nephew.

The kid moves too fast to get a decent picture with my iPhone, but you still get the idea.  Half-naked toddler + fedora = melting heart.

Drinking pineapple-tinis from Superman cups... doesn't get more American than that!

Hopefully I won't stay away so long again before the next post.  Enjoy your weekends!


PS - If you got this far, my good friend IRL has a GREAT giveaway going on for a few more days. Go check it out and enter - super easy!  grrfeisty's giveaway!


  1. The striped dress looks so cute on you! I thought it was from Target at first because they have a bunch like that right now. Super fun!

    1. Thank you, Jacq! Somehow this comment never came through in my email or on Blogger until tonight so I apologize for the late reply/lack of email. Target is always a good guess for my clothes!


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