Thursday, July 25, 2013

something is better than nothing, right?

Today I attempted to do the interval run that Meredith at My Own Little World put on IG yesterday.  I ran outside in the blistering heat twice this week already and thought I would take it easy on myself with this little dreadmill run today.

follow her for some motivating workouts and meals! via


don't let this picture fool ya - I was smiling through the pain

For reference, it takes a lot for me to have sweat pouring off of me.  I glisten very easily and that's typically where it stops.  I was sweatier after this indoor treadmill run than I was after either of my outdoor runs this week.

I attempted the first 10 second run at 9.5 (yes, 9.5, I misread her interval speed!) and truly thought this was going to happen:

Mike Running on Treadmill Monsters Inc Mike Wazowski Running on a Treadmill

And because clearly Meredith is on another level, here's the workout I actually did.  

But hey, at least I had a cheering section!


Who knows how acccurate the treadmill is but for what it's worth:

Calories - 340.5
Time - 29:06
Distance - 2.391 miles

Any other interval training you guys like to do?


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