Wednesday, July 24, 2013

random wedding musings

Our Save the Dates (which I lovingly refer to as STDs) arrived last week so I've been working on some weddings things lately.  For a while, wedding planning sort of stalled.  Not in a bad way, but just in a "nursing school is really busy and there isn't too much to do right now" sort of way.  But we are officially less than 8 months out so here's what has been going on lately:

Bridesmaid Dresses
Two of my lovely bridesmaids ordered their dresses in Austin a two weeks ago and I tagged along with two of my Houston bridesmaids last week to order theirs.  My future SIL is going this weekend (while I'm clinicals) to order hers and then they will all have dresses ordered.

I let each girl pick her own style but all the dresses are the same color and fabric (lux chiffon) from the Dessy line.  If you're bridesmaid dress shopping, I highly recommend checking out Dessy.  They have some gorgeous dresses and there were a handful of very helpful boutiques in Austin and Houston that helped us. It was quite interesting because there are SO MANY styles that a store can't possibly carry every style, in every color, in every material and in every size.  So in looking at the styles my amazing girls tried on some interesting colors and patterns.  Don't worry, we aren't going with any of the colors seen below!

all dresses from Dessy and After Six line

Now I need to deal with my little sisters.  They will be 9 and 10 when we get married in the spring.  Our ring bearer will be almost 3.  To me, this means my sisters are too old to be flower girls but too young to be junior bridesmaids.  I'm having them help with programs and seating and stuff.  But now I need to find them something to wear.  Everything is either way too young (see below left) or too sexy (below right).  What 9 year old wears a strapless dress? Any ideas, dear readers??

(I think they should be in lux chiffon since that will match the bridesmaids but I'm leaning towards knee length dresses... problem? Can't find this anywhere!)

flower girl dress via                                                                junior bridesmaid dress via

Save the Dates
We went with postcards because they are cheaper and people don't really care in the long run.  Do you need another magnet on your fridge? Are you going to savor this wedding remnant for years to come? Unless you're my mother the answer is no.  And I'm okay with that.

of course we put our dogs on the postcard!

My good friend Roxy (grrfeisty) took some pictures with us and our pups a few weeks back.  She is so talented! I'm thrilled with how they turned out. If you're in the Houston area and need photos taken, please contact her! Photography isn't a business of hers but a hobby she is passionate about and it shows in the quality of her photos.
(Hopefully these will get in the mail sometime in the next week. Enjoy the sneak peak, folks!)

Hair & Makeup
I was always that girl who got her hair and makeup done for homecoming or prom and then promptly came home and changed it all to my liking.  I guess I can chalk it up to not being that assertive and not really knowing the exact style I like.  My favorite hair style was when it was loose and had a flower in it for senior prom.

Imagine this, but a smaller flower and blonde hair.  The blondie in me can't find in actual prom photos. via
This being said, I have no idea what I want for my wedding hair and makeup.  I'll probably end up with loose curls/waves that is half pinned back to allow for a veil.  I like makeup that is glamorous and not super natural looking but not crazy either.  I think girls like Marisa Miller, Lauren Conrad and Kate Middleton always looks beautiful.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Perfection.
Anyone in the Austin area know of a great hair/makeup team for weddings? I definitely want to have these services done on site so we can enjoy getting ready at a relaxed pace and not have to worry about rushing to the venue.

If you want to get more of a feel for the wedding, feel free to check out my pinterest boardAnd I'd LOVE to hear any ideas you've got!


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  1. I love those dresses! They are all so gorgeous! I think we are doing chiffon as well, but short. I think they will be ordering theirs from Bill Levkoff, but I love Dessy too! Thanks so much for linking up with us!

  2. YAY! Thank you so much for linking up with us! Your STDs (hahaha!) are adorable and I love that you added your dogs. The dresses are great, too! Dessy has so many amazing options! I was going to check into that but my girls all picked theirs on the same day from Bella Bridesmaid from their Love Lane line, so no need to keep shopping! haha Can't wait to read more of your posts! :)

  3. Your std's are amazing!!! I did a postcard for my save the dates too!!! Oooh so exciting girly!!!! My wedding is in 22 days!! Eeek!!
    Hope you stop by and follow along! :)

  4. Love this black one shouldered wedding dress. Can I ask my bride to wear this dress on our wedding? Is it not a bad omen?
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  5. I love the cute flower girl dresses.

  6. Nice Blog!!!! Junior bridesmaid dress is awesome and i like this beautiful dress..

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