Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Social link-up

Hello friends! I love me some TV so I'm linking up with Neely & Ashley for The Sunday Social.

Sunday Social

1. What was your favorite TV show as a kid?

Girl, I LOVED me some Full House.  I couldn't get enough of that show.  And God forbid my weekly TV allowance ran out during an episode. It was like the world was ending.
Sidenote: any one else out there have a TV allowance? We had this not-so-sweet box on the TV where each kid had his or her own code to enter to turn the TV on.  I think we got 60 minutes a week.  At the time, it was the devil.  Now I can totally see why my mom had that damn thing.

2. What is your current favorite TV show?

Embarrassingly there are too many to count so I'm just going to say Grey's Anatomy, Nashville, and anything on Bravo/History/Discovery/Style/E.  Love reality TV about quasi-famous peeps.
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3. What reality show would you NEVER do?

Naked & Afraid. No way no how not for a million dollars.  I watched a recent episode and there were HUGE poisonous snakes on an island.  In another episode the contestants had to swim a mile through shark infested waters to get from their drop off point to their challenge location.

Plus, YOU ARE NAKED with a STRANGER in the WILD for THREE WEEKS.  I do not want my naked business out there (too many scars from my insecure years) and I don't want my business rubbing against all sorts of wildlife.

ps - I'd love to get crazy skinny like they do.
pps- DO NOT google image search "naked and afraid". Just take my word.
pps - DO google "naked & afraid producer injury" or just go here (warning: gruesome!)

4. What reality show would you LOVE to do?

I always wanted to be on Real World but I think that ship has sailed since I'm 27.  If I was mega wealthy I would sign up for Real Housewives of Houston in a hot second.  I'd also do any kind of reality show that followed around nurses and doctors in a hospital.

A Real Housewife Reaction Gif For Every Situation
5. What is the TV personality/character that you feel is most like you?

I'd love to say Hayden Panettiera/Juliette Barnes from Nashville but I can't sing or dance. And I'm not famous.  I'd like to be a cross between Meredith Grey and Christina Yang from Grey's Anatomy - smart, badasses in their field, married to McDreamy, overall awesome.  One day, folks.

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6. Which TV character would you want to date?

McDreamy.  And then we'd get married and adopt a little kid from Africa and have our own little McBaby and live in a gorgeous mansion/cabin hybrid in Seattle.  Not that I've thought about it at all.


What about you guys?  Any current favs out there? I'm looking for some good summer TV while my regular shows are on hiatus!


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  1. totally agree with you about mcdreamy! who wouldn't want him?!

  2. New fave show "Below Deck"!!!

    1. I haven't seen this yet but looks like I'll be checking it out after my test tomorrow. Thanks!


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