Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday's Four

Being new at this blogging thing [though I consider myself a connoisseur of other people's blogs], I've been basically hunting around on my favorite blogs for ideas to write about.  I realize that sounds a lot like stealing at first, but what I mean is, I'm looking around for weekly posts that I like and think I could commit to posting. And link-ups. I feel like the key to getting people to read my blog [thanks for reading, mom!] is exposure and linking up could be a pretty simple way to maybe get a reader or two.

Alright, so this "Friday's Four" idea is from Jake at The Life of Jake..., who I started reading through Holly at Where We Can Live Like Jack & Sally.  He's hilarious and I wish I lived near Holly because she sounds like an awesome chick.  You should read their blogs. Moving on. It's Friday and I'll share four things with all my amazeball readers [I'm looking at you, grrfeisty!].

1. I am starting nursing school in less than a week (!!!!) and have these two nagging history courses I am trying to finish for prerequisites. They are seriously putting me on the struggle bus.  I've never been a history aficionado despite the fact that my BTF* is a history teacher. At my school. Literally, one classroom down the hall.

*BTF = Best Teacher Friend
Seriously folks, it's getting down to the wire.  My Reminders app on my phone looks like this and it makes me want to pull my hair out/stress eat/plop down on the couch for a week-long binge of Real Housewives of Wherever.

This is without the 17 gazillion 23 assignments & quizzes I've already done.  And those old due dates... suggestions.  Nothing is really due until the course ends next weekend. Which is like crack to my little procrastinating self.

2. The top button on my iPhone may be broken and it is driving. me. CRAZY!  It's the button that shuts the screen off when you're taking a 2-minute break from instagram done using it.  I have to push it down really hard to make it work and even then it only turns it off about half of the time.  The worst part is that I use that top bottom ALL THE TIME with the home button to take screen shots which means most of the time I just activate Siri and she makes that annoying beep-beep sound as she waits for a command. 

I hope to order a personalized LifeProof case soon and maybe taking the clunky Otterbox off will solve the problemo. Anyone have a suggestion on where to order one?

3.  I think I'm addicted to Spark. If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you're missing.  I've been using it as a replacement for my $5-a-day Starbucks habit for about a month now and I haven't regretted it for one second.  It tastes so damn good.  I also feel like a real pusher at my work because I'm pretty sure I've recommended it to everyone.  But it really is that good.  If you're curious, order some from the link above and then try to prove me wrong.
Fruit Punch and Mango Strawberry are my favorite flavors. Grape tastes like Dimetapp and that shit is gross.
When I drink it I feel like a hydration champ because I mix it with way more water than recommended. And I'm cheap so I have the tub which recommends 42 servings but I hope to get about 60+ servings out of it by using a less-than-full scoop for each drink.

4. I bought my first swimsuit of the season today. Actually, I bought my first TWO swimsuits of the day today. Got them from Target. Story of my life, I went in for two mother's day cards and walked out with cards, chevron padded mailers (shout to Skinny Meg - "I was born to wear chevron!"), two swimsuits, and a bookshelf that I'll use for a buffet in our dining room. Ooops!

Both suits from Target: blue top and bottom, pink top and bottoms.

Anyways, they're very cute and if I get the balls one day soon I'll post a pic of me actually wearing the swimsuits.  Possibly with a side-by-side to an old pic of thicker me in a swimsuit.  We'll see. May take a few bottles glasses of wine for that to happen.  In the meantime, head to your local Tar-jay (What, you don't say it like? Just me and my grandmother?) and check out the cute swimwear.  Even if you're not feeling it yet, it could the motivation you need because summer will be here sooner than you bitches realize. And I for one want to drink my skinny margaritas pool side without having to worry about posing just right to avoid a fat roll or a stomach pooch.



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  1. yay! i'm starting my "revolt" biz this week and it overlaps nicely with advocare. since i have to blog about it i *have* to be strict...
    and YES spark is awesome. thanks for introducing me to it!
    progress pics - i was debating doing some myself. this revolt site has a private FB page for sharing progress pics. idk. i'm not brave when it comes to my figure. :-/

    1. I am THRILLED that you're loving spark! I'm drinking some right now as I check in on the interwebs :)

      I say go for it with regards to posting progress pics. I understand that it can be terrifying (hello, did you see my instagram post yesterday?!?) but it is so worth it to have those pictures of yourself. And you're tiny to start with, so you'll just go from looking "pretty damn good" to "frickin fantastic"! Thanks for stopping by!


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