Friday, January 10, 2014

Welcome to Follow Through Friday!

It's the inaugural Follow Through Friday! Hip hip hooray!

If you want to stop reading here, then just watch this video. Chick is a bad ass.  It has inspired me and I may watch it everyday for the next 100 days to continue to motivate me.

Alright, onto the #FTF bizz!

I never really made any resolutions for the year so I guess now would be as good a time as any to figure some of those out.  Then, with the help of my lovely co-hosts and you guys, I can maybe stay on track with these bad boys!  I've never been that big on resolutions which is my way of saying I usually make them but haven't ever stuck to them.  But it seems to be a big thing to make "intentions" or find a word to embrace for the year, and those ideas are pretty attractive to me.  Unfortunately, I haven't been too successful at coming up with a word for myself and instead just want to steal everyone else's word.  If I come up with something grand, I'll be sure to let you know.

In no particular order....

(1) Pure Barre 30 in 40 Challenge
Starting on January 1st, I signed up for my studio's new year challenge to take 30 classes in 40 days.  As of today, we are 10 days in and I've taken 6 classes (this includes the I'm signed up for this evening).  I would have taken one Wednesday night but unfortunately couldn't make it there due to horrendous Houston traffic. I love my studio and feel great when I'm consistent about taking class so I know this one will be feasible.  I just to get my nursing schedule figured out!

(2) Run regularly
I don't have an exact meaning figured out yet for what I mean by "regularly" but I do know what it doesn't mean.  For the last 6 months or so, I'll run consistently for a few weeks, run a race, and then stop running for a few weeks.  Then it feels like such a daunting task to go out for that first run after taking so much time off. I don't know why I do it to myself because it is always easier to run when you're in the habit of it.  I've got a 10K coming up on Feb. 8th and I've done this distance enough times now that it doesn't intimidate me.  If I can run 3 times a week between now and then, I'll be content. No real training plan per say, but just getting out there and logging miles consistently.

Photographic evidence of my fastest 5K EVER and my first sub-30 3-miles!! This is after taking a few weeks off from running and it only motivates me more. Plus, it was at my potential new gym.

(3) Take care of myself
This one is so stupid it is embarrassing to admit.  I go to bed more often than I care to admit without brushing my teeth or washing my face or both.  And as a result, I've got zits like a 14 year old and yellow teeth like an 80 year old. HOT. Part of this is vanity for my upcoming wedding, but it's also just time to get my shit together.  I'm 28 years old! It's not like I'm coming home drunk every night and that's why I skip these things. It's generally because I've been blogging/studying/watching TV too late and I'm simply too tired. Well, no more excuses Cait - get it together!

(4) Take care of my house
Speaking of personal hygiene (I really am a clean person!), I need to also start being an adult when it comes to cleaning my home. I wish I had unlimited funds and could hire a housekeeper.  I love to wash dishes (seriously, it's therapeutic) but that's where my Suzie Homemaker skills ends.  Instead, I often neglect little chores for so long that it becomes this overwhelming task to clean my house, which causes me to put it off and then it just gets worse. Again, I'm a clean person! We don't live in a hoarder's house or anything. But I'm pretty sure I should vacuum at least once a week and if I did, then it wouldn't seem so bad.

I'm sure I could find another hundred things to improve on, but then I'd be in the same position as the last 10 years and I'd throw the whole list out the window.  Let's see how I manage on these things before adding anything else into the mix. 

Thanksgiving with my beautiful momma! Can't wait to see her this weekend!

Grab a button and link up to share what you're working on Following Through on and don't forget to share on IG and twitter with #FTF!  My mom's coming into town this weekend for my first dress fitting so I'm sure I'll have lots to share if we're friends on social media!


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  1. If you get the nighttime routine down, let me know...I'm about to turn 38 and still have bad nights! I said it yesterday that I'm at the age that my zits and wrinkles are fighting for space. #sadbuttrue

    You have a gorgeous smile! Zoom them!

  2. Ugh, I haven't washed my face at night at all this week and my skin hates me for it! I need to get on this ASAP too. You are so brave to do the barre challenge. Are your legs not totally killing you right now?!

  3. haha I so often skip brushing my teeth too. Glad to know I'm not the only one! I'm pretty good at washing my face every night because my skin isn't naturally nice. Plus I have really bad dry eyes and if I don't wash my face my eye make up gets in my eyes and because my eyes don't form tears well my eyes get really nasty. Tmi?

  4. Ahhh skin routines.... what are those again? doesnt the soap from shampooing your hair that hits your face count?

  5. AH No joke I JUST bought whitening stuff and I had that exact one in my hands for ever because I could not decide. I got another one but tell me how this one works! Also have you ever heard of Dr.George's whitening... apparently it's the

  6. Okay, Cait, after reading 3 and 4 I think we were separated at birth. Hahahaha. Great goals, though, fo shiz.


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