Thursday, January 9, 2014

decisions, decisions

THANK YOU for the feedback on my wedding problems yesterday! If you didn't already check it out, I'd love to hear your thoughts on invite etiquette and open bars.

I posed a question to the twitterverse the other evening about Planet Fitness gyms.  I haven't been a member at a gym for a few years now, instead working out at home (mostly running) and taking Pure Barre classes. I know, I still need to write a post on these.  It's coming, one day, I promise!

When I first moved to Houston I joined an expensive boutique gym at the prodding of my roommate. I began by taking Sunday yoga classes with her, which cost $10/week, and eventually realized I should just pay the $49/month to have full access to the place.  But I was locked into a 2 year contract and then moved all the way across Houston before the two years was up.  In case you don't know, Houston is HUGE.  I tried going back a few times but basically just made monthly donations to their fat pockets until my contract ran out. It was still cheaper than canceling early.

However, I'm beginning to see the allure of a joining gym again.  First, I miss using machines and lifting weights. At home, I have two 5-lb weights and B has this contraption where you can change the weight with a click of a button. But this thing starts at 10 lbs (which is pretty much my max) and there is only one of them.  If I can't do both arms at the same time it probably isn't going to happen. Just keeping it real, folks.

Secondly, there is a social aspect to a gym.  It's nice motivation to go there and see people working hard.  When I used to take BodyPump at the Y, you got to know people and if you missed a week then they asked about you.  I like that.  When I don't put in P90X or JM for a few weeks, they don't ask where I've been.  Rude.  

Thirdly, my Pure Barre classes don't always fit into my schedule. Especially now that school has started.  Even though my lab got out early at 5:30pm last night, I couldn't make it to the studio by 7:00pm for class due to Houston's crazy traffic.  If I belong to a gym, then on days when I plan for PB but it doesn't work out, that doesn't have to mean skipping a workout all together. Instead I can just head on over to the gym.

And I'm almost embarrassed to mention the other reason I'm considering Planet Fitness. Yes, it's close to my house. Yes, it's open 24-hours most days.  Yes, it's affordable.  But you know what else they have? Free tanning beds for Black Card members.  And you know what pasty lady is getting married in 2 months? Yup, this girl.  I get pretty orange from spray tans (as a few friends can attest to) but tanning beds, despite all their evils, actually turn this pale Irish lass into an almost-bronze beauty.  And I would only do it until the wedding - then no more. I'm not trying to get skin cancer or leathery skin, y'all.

So I did what any normal girl would do.  I took the gym for a test drive.

Lots of #selfiepride going on here. Especially in that last picture when a homegirl walked in as the camera when "click" and totally caught me.  Note to self, turn the phone on silent so the selfies aren't as obvious.

And then when I got home I did the next natural thing.  Ordered new shoes.

I love these shoes but feel like the white is a little in your face with leggings and/or my nearly translucent legs.  Maybe when I have a tan I'll feel differently?

Do you belong to a gym? Have a gym membership story to share? I'd love to hear it before I sign my life away!


PS - Our Follow Thru Friday link-up starts tomorrow! Hope you come join us as we share what we're going to follow through in 2014.


  1. I think that getting over the initial feelings of being the new person at the gym is always hardest for me, especially because I spend the majority of the time in the weight room, where you seem to see the same people day after day.

    I love having a gym membership! I am not the kind of person who can work out at home. I can't resist my couch when it beckons me.

    Those shoes are seriously adorable. They are not in your face at all! So, so cute!

  2. I go to a really basic 24 Hour Fitness. It's fine. It doesn't motivate me and I don't use it nearly as much as I should, so I am no help!

    And UGH I always forget to turn the sound off for food pics at restaurants. I try to be discreet then CLICK! So embarrassing!

  3. We just joined ours last month!!! And I'm in heaven, for the first time ever, I'm at the gym more than my husband :)
    Ours is a local (only 2 locations) thing, but its 24hr access but does have staff 5am-10pm with free classes and daycare. It takes me all of 4minutes to get to, so I can go at 4:30am, get a solid workout, and get home by 5:40 to clean up to wake the rest of the house up and start our day. I have so many options now compared to my home treadmill and 8lb weights. I'm scheduling weight training, have an actual schedule, and already getting the head-nod from the only other person who is there at 4:30 with me.
    I'm totally digging having a membership again. :)

  4. I belong to a pretty expensive gym near my work and I absolutely love it. I have stuck with it for 2 months which is pretty long for me. I think it is because the gym is so pretty, I love my Barre class, and it is 2 minutes away from work. I live about 45 minutes away so if I don't go after work then I won't be going. And I don't go on the weekends because it is so far from home so that motivates me to go after work. Also if I go to the gym I miss the horrrrrrible rush hour traffic and sometimes that is the hugest motivator in getting my rear to the gym. But for all those same reasons I am considering joining PF close to home so I can go on the weekends and on days I don't go to work. It's mostly so I have somewhere to run when the weather is crappy and I'm not at work. idk if this is nationwide, but right now it is only $10 down to join until the 10th. I actually really hate PF because the one near me is in a horrible shopping center with horrendous parking. I definitely think how much you like your gym is a major factor in whether or not you'll go. You want to feel inspired, comfortable, welcome, and like everything you need will be there. I don't always feel that way at PF but because that's just my back up gym I think I'm going to do it.

  5. I have a 24 Hour gym membership. You can buy a 2 year membership at Costco for $369 which works out to like $15 a month or you can buy month to month at the gym. They do free 2 week memberships to try the gym out. I love that there are 3 24 Hour gyms within 10-15 minutes of me. I love the group fitness classes and the staff have always been super friendly and helpful. I work shift work so the 24 hour aspect is important to me.


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