Tuesday, February 11, 2014

weekend of my favorite things

If you follow me on instagram then you already know that B was in NOLA this weekend for his bachelor party and my bestie came to town to visit.  Nice how that worked out, huh?  It was actually more like this:

Jenni ended up having some southwest miles to cash in so it worked out pretty perfectly.

And we were awesomely productive while she kept my mind off the fact that my soon-to-be hubs was getting wild and crazy in a town where there are topless chicks on every street corner, the booze flows like Niagara Falls, and I don't entirely trust his friends. I love 'em, but I don't trust 'em.

I think play-by-play weekend updates are a little boring unless you've got super big news such as a) you birthed a child and have lots of pictures, b) you got engaged and have lots of pictures of the ring, 3) you got married and have lots of pictures.  Since none of THOSE happened, I'll just stick to sharing some pics from the weekend.

No pictures from Friday night but this should give you an idea.
Dragged our asses to the gym. Have I mentioned how much I am loving Planet Fitness?
Attempting to shop for bridesmaid jewelry at Kendra Scott.
The original pin that inspired my love of navy dresses. Ideally I'd like to recreate this necklace look but it is proving harder than expected.
Basically I want this bracelet in necklace form.  Which is apparently as hard as hunting down Bigfoot.
I do love the look of these five similar but not identical bracelets, though.
Our wine for the night.  Monogamy was excellent but I we also started with it which means by the time we got to Bliss this lightweight would have drank anything.
Our super fancy cheese/cracker/meat spread.  Maybe I should have registered for a cheese platter and cheese knives?
My adorable date for the weekend.

Recent hashtags.  #winningatlife
Romo couldn't make it so we had a 2 1/2 hour FaceTime date instead. Totally normal.

Saying our goodbyes at the airport.  See you a few weeks, friend!
We also managed to go out for sushi, take a Pure Barre class, hit up Starbucks, find some amazing deals at Langford Market, and do way too much online shopping. I blame the wine for that one. On the upside, I may have found wedding earrings and a rehearsal dinner dress so stayed tuned for those updates.

The heinous adorable gift my hubby-to-be brought me from his weekend away.  He honestly thinks it would make a good caketopper.  Sorry honey, but no.  Over my dead body (see what I did there?).

If you've made it this far, send me some good vibes. I've got my final exam for pediatrics this morning followed immediately by my ATI exam in the course as well.  Oh joy, a morning of tests.



  1. I hope your finals went great! Looks like an awesome girls weekend!

  2. I love that face time!!


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